TPE Dolls Features & Details

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    Some additional TPE Dolls features are available at checkout for our models.


    tpe doll breast type hollow vs solid breastsWe include the hollow breast option for free, by default on all models that are above C cup. Hollow breast option is not available for model with smaller breasts.

    The other way around is also true. Dolls with breasts that are too big cannot have solid breasts. This is because the weight would fragilize the breast which could potentially burst open over the long run.




    TPE Dolls features enhanced mouthOnce you are happy with your doll selection, and have added your selection to your cart, you can select the option “enhanced mouth” at checkout for only $19.99. Please note that this option is currently only available for WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll & SM Doll models.

    The enhanced mouth add-on takes slightly longer to produce. The tongue is fixed into the mouth instead, and the mouth cavity is better sculpted.

    The regular mouth option also has a 3D sculpted cavity.

    Make sure to checkout our awesome accessories customizable bundle kits here. You can select jewelries, piercings, clothing, detached parts, tattoo decals & even more items for your love doll!



    Some dolls might seem to have less realistic private parts. This is because these photo shootings are from a few years back. You can expect the same level of realism on all of our models, as the pictures below:

    tpe dolls details tpe doll details

    Both built-in and removable vagina types aesthetically look the same from the outside. For more information on differences between fixed and removable vaginas, visit this page.

    We use makeup by default on your doll areolas and labias. Makeup hold better on TPE than on human skin without fading away. If you prefer us to use permanent color for these areas instead, you can precise so at checkout.

    You can easily change the following on your TPE Doll: Head, eyes, eyelashes, wigs, nails, pubic hair, as well as removable vagina sleeves.


    The bottom left picture will show you how the removable vagina sleeve is sculpted on the inside. The fixed vagina option also has the same sculpted texture.

    Additionally, the bottom right picture will show you the inside of a doll eye (half spheric & hollow). To learn how to change your TPE Doll eyes, check this thread.

    TPE Doll features Vagina removable sleeve insertTPE Doll feature eyes


    One other great TPE Dolls features is their skeleton flexibility and articulations.

    Our TPE Dolls skeletons are made of stainless steel multiplex frames. Skeletons articulate like a real human skeleton would, to match all type of poses. For more information about our sex dolls skeletons and articulations, please visit this page.


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