Find Your Dream Doll

The sex doll industry has grown tremendously big these last 5 years, so fast that for a newcomer looking for a doll, it can even be more complicated than finding a house or a car. With so many materials, brands and options available, one can quickly get lost into an endless flow of information, sometimes contradictory.

As a 2006 Harvard Business Review study points out, more isn’t always better, and too many options can sometimes lead to an overwhelming feeling of frustration or dissatisfaction.

Let alone learning how to spot fake sex dolls and counterfeit copies, an other must read topic every new doll enthusiast should be aware about.

But when it comes to physical attractiveness, us humans can be incredibly specific or picky about certain attributes that we are looking for in a partner. And dolls must reflect this abundance of tastes, to best answer as many needs as possible

You might wonder, “So how does one actually find the right sex doll? Should I just go over all of them until I find the right combination that I like?”. We believe the best way to proceed is to funnel what you are looking for into 3 main steps. What material would suit you the best, what brand(s) and finally what body type(s) you would most likely be to prefer.

First accomplishing these 3 steps will allow you to narrow down a pre-selection of bodies, as well as heads from specific brand(s), making finding your dream girl a quicker and less mind intensive process! We have put together the below quiz to assist you, it won’t take more than a minute to complete.

Once you have a clearer idea of the options, material, brand(s) and body type(s) that you are looking for, you can then use our product filter accordingly.


Our filters can be found on the main shop page. Right side on desktops, or bottom of the page on mobile devices.

You can combine as many filtering options as you like, and can narrow down results by material, by ethnicity, by height, weight, body type, breasts size, bust, waist or hips size, eyes or hair color, brand or by price.


For example if from the above results:

  1. The recommended material is TPE
  2. The recommended brands are WM Doll and Irontech Doll
  3. The recommended body types for you are large hips ones

Then you can narrow down the main store results to only show all WM Doll and all Irontech Doll models, made of TPE, with hips larger than 100cm (39in). You can do so by ticking the checkboxes:

  • FILTER BY BRAND > WM Doll + Irontech Doll
  • FILTER BY HIPS SIZE > 100-110cm | 39-43″ Hips + 110-120cm | 43-47″ Hips

Click on the “FILTER” button. Click on the “RESET” button to start a new search.