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Orders will appear on your statement as “24/7 Billing Co”


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Our dolls are duty & VAT paid. Prices on our shop are the prices you pay



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What you see is what you get. Same as the pictures. No photoshop

At Fine Love Dolls, we preserve your privacy and identity thanks to discreet billing and shipping. You can choose to have your package held for pickup at a nearby drop-off location for your order at checkout. Package which is a plain brown box by the way, with no mention whatsoever of what is inside, the delivery guy does not know what is inside the package and neither will your neighbours!

Additionally, names such as “Fine Love Dolls” or anything related to the products that we sell will not show up on your bank or Paypal statement. We did not automate Paypal Gateway directly on our shop and send Paypal invoices separately. That way, sensitive information and details about your order are not being gathered by Paypal, so your privacy is preserved!

On bank statements, we use either our real registered company name “Asia Worldwide Limited” or “24/7 Billing Company”. For Paypal, we use a fictional name such as “Worldwide Billing Service”.

We accept USD, EUR, GDP, CAD, BTC, LTC, BCH, USDT, ETH, etc…and have several layaway payment plans and payment gateways you can choose from. Find more information about each payment method below:


Stripe is the main online payment processing platform powering most online stores. Built with simplicity in mind, Stripe allows you to conveniently enter your debit or credit card information directly on our site.

You can also save your card(s) under MY ACCOUNTADD A CARD for further future purchases.

In order to provide you with more flexible ways of placing your order, Fine Love Dolls now has 2 different Stripe payment gateways:


If you are located in the United States, or if you would like to pay with US Dollar, you can choose the first Stripe gateway at checkout. You can pay with any debit or credit card from the followings brands:

American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, Mastercard, Visa, ApplePay & GooglePay.

You can also pay with another currency instead, or with cryptocurrencies as per below.


If you are located outside of the United States, or if you would like to pay with another currency instead of US Dollar, you can choose the second Stripe gateway at checkout. You can pay with any debit or credit card from the followings brands:

Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Multibanco, Sofort, Mastercard, Visa, ApplePay & GooglePay.

Fine Love Dolls accepts the following currencies:

United States dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Hungarian Forint (HUF), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Norwegian krone (NOK), Pound sterling (GBP), Danish krone (DKK) & Swedish krona (SEK).

Alternatively, you can also place your order using cryptocurrencies instead, as per below.


Payment didn’t go through? Worry not, here is a checkup list to troubleshoot why:

  • Verify that your card number is entered correctly
  • Verify that your card expiry date is entered correctly
  • Verify that your card CVC (the 3 digits security number behind your card) is entered correctly.
  • Make sure that you also tick the “agree to terms and conditions” on the checkout page
  • Make sure that the “Shipping to another address?” option is unticked, unless filled.

Due to the price dolls cost, it happens in some cases that your order attempt fails. Whenever this is the case, you will receive an automated email from our system.

In 99% of cases, these declined payments are due to security thresholds set up by your bank on online purchases. To prevent a stolen debit/credit card to be used online on your behalf maliciously, some banks will require you to contact them prior to make such purchase (with an amount that exceeds $1,000 usually).

You can do so and ask for a “temporary threshold limit lift” in order to make an online purchase. Usually these authorizations take effect automatically as soon as you make the request.

If your payment using a debit/credit card did not go through on your first attempt, we recommend to first give it a second try or 2 (you will not get charged several times, do not worry). If the payment still won’t go through after 2 or 3 attempts, you will want to contact your bank to ask for a threshold limit lift.

You can learn more about Stripe decline codes on this page. For any additional questions, never hesitate to contact us!


No. By design, your credit or debit card number and security code are never stored on our website. Our payment gateway gives this sensitive information directly to the payment processor. Our payment gateway is designed to ensure credit card data never enters or passes through our website’s database.

We give you the option to “store” credit cards details on our site via a secure method called tokenization.


Extremely. With tokenization, your debit/credit card information is stored on the servers of the payment processor (Stripe).

The only data saved on our site is in the form of a string of characters called a token. These tokens are designed to be useless outside the precise context they’re created for. Imagine if, when you exchanged your money for chips at a casino or ride tickets at a fair, those chips or tickets not only couldn’t be spent on anything outside the casino or fair but couldn’t be spent by anyone but you.

Tokens are super-specific – Specific to the customer, specific to our website, specific to the payment gateway’s payment processor, and specific to our merchant account with that processor. If any of those factors aren’t precise, the token won’t work as a placeholder for a customer’s payment information.


Fine Love Dolls will not show on your bank statement description. We use either our company name “Asia Worldwide Limited”, or generic names such as “24/7 Billing Co”,  or “Worldwide Billing Service” as an alternative name to preserve your privacy, and avoid displaying sensitive names on your bank statements such as “Fine Love Dolls”.


With your Paypal Balance, a credit or a debit card, enjoy a simple, fast & secure way to pay for purchases online. Take advantage of our partnership with Paypal® or Stripe®. Both payment gateways accept your debit or credit card on our website safely .

All your banking information and personal data are fully secure thanks to the SSL encryption protocol (used on most online shopping sites). This is the highest level of encryption to guarantee secure transactions.

At no time can access your bank data. Only our card processor partner Paypal or Stripe has access to your banking information for the sole purpose to get in touch with your bank. Upon transaction completion, data is destroyed and therefore can not be stolen and/or reused dishonestly .

Paypal works just like any other online payment gateway and can also be used without an actual Paypal account or balance, with your regular debit or credit card too.


No PayPal account is needed to purchase items on Fine Love Dolls with a debit or credit card. PayPal is also a credit and debit card gateway, and you can use your card there as well.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can complete your payment first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

At reception of your invoice, simply follow the link and enter your name and shipping address. You will then be prompted to enter your credit/debit card number, email address, and phone number.


We did not automate Paypal gateway directly with our website for your privacy, given the nature of the merchandises sold. This prevents the content of your order to be reflected in your Paypal account, as the invoice does not include sensible information about the purchased items.

We use the name “Worldwide Billing Service” or “24/7 Billing Co” or our company name, “Asia Worldwide Limited” as a description for your bank or Paypal account statement.


Since 2021, with Paypal gateway you can now use your cryptocurrencies balances in your Paypal wallet, and convert them instantly at no incremental fee in the fiat currency of your choice.

So far the following 4 cryptocurrencies are available: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH).

For more information about Paypal and cryptocurrencies, please visit this page.


By security some banks only allow a low threshold limit, by default, for online purchases. Please make sure that you have successfully completed the below steps:

  • Fill all information relative to your order on the checkout page (name, address, phone number, etc…)
  • That the checkbox “Shipping to a different address?” is unticked. If you do wish to ship to a different location, please complete it accordingly
  • That no error(s) were made for credit/debit card information
  • That your credit/debit card information are the same as your billing information


If all the above steps are correct, you may need to contact your bank to ask for a temporary threshold limit lift. Your bank will not ask you the name of the website you are trying to make a purchase on.

If so, simply give the name that we use on your banking statement for your privacy: “24/7 Billing Company

Bank threshold limit lifts are usually immediate, and you should be able to process with your order quickly upon getting in touch with your bank.

Always feel free to contact us if further information is needed! Do not be afraid to try several times. An order with a “pending payment” status will not be processed by itself in the future, nor will your account get debited.

If you ever place the same order twice by mistake, we will of course refund you right away accordingly 🙂


If you choose Paypal at checkout, we will email you your invoice at reception of your order. You will not be asked for your Paypal email or be charged on our website right away. As explained above, this prevent Paypal from pulling sensitive data about your orders during checkout. This method guarantee you the same level of security as well as full privacy on your purchases.

Fine Love Dolls accepts the following currencies for Paypal payments:

United States dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Danish krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Pound sterling (GBP), Hungarian Forint (HUF), Norwegian krone (NOK), New Zealand dollar (NZD) & Swedish krone (SEK).


Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies. Their mission is to create an open financial system for the world and to be the leading global brand for helping people convert digital currency into and out of their local currency.

Have a Coinbase account and would like to pay for your order using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? No problem! Coinbase payment gateway currently supports 7 different crypto currencies: BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, DOGECOIN, DAI COIN, USD COIN.

Simply click on “Pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at checkout, to be redirected to Coinbase and complete your purchase. More information about the above crypto assets can be found below:


When you want to place your order and select “PAY WITH BITCOIN OR OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES” at checkout, Coinbase will display instructions on how to send funds directly to Fine Love Dolls, and monitor the blockchain for your transaction.

All payments facilitated by Coinbase Commerce are fully decentralized and peer-to-peer. This means that the cryptocurrency goes directly from your crypto wallet to a wallet that is only accessible by Fine Love Dolls. Only us have access to these funds.

For more information about Coinbase Commerce for customers, please visit this page.


Coinbase now offers a debit card solution for you to be able to pay for items online using cryptocurrencies.

The coinbase card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, and is available to customers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Coinbase is working on expanding the offer to additional markets.

Coinbase Card customers are able to spend their crypto from eight different wallets: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BAT, REP, ZRX, and XLM.

For more information about Coinbase Card, please visit this page. Click on below App Store or Google Play links to download Coinbase Card wallet on your smartphone.

You can find more information below about the different cryptocurrencies accepted on Fine Love Dolls via Coinbase Commerce:


Bitcoin (₿ or BTC) is the #1 cryptocurrency, with the largest market capitalization. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. The cryptocurrency was invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency began use in 2009, when its implementation was released as open-source software.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. Research produced by the University of Cambridge estimated that in 2017, there were 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off or altcoin that was created in 2017. In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash split further into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ether (ETH or Ξ) is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among cryptocurrencies, it is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization.

Ethereum was invented in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin. The platform allows anyone to deploy permanent and immutable decentralized applications onto it, with which users can interact.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications provide a broad array of financial services without the need for typical financial intermediaries like brokerages, exchanges, or banks, such as allowing cryptocurrency users to borrow against their holdings or lend them out for interest.

Ethereum also allows for the creation and exchange of NFTs, which are non-interchangeable tokens connected to digital works of art or other real-world items and sold as unique digital property. Additionally, many other cryptocurrencies operate as ERC-20 tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain and have utilized the platform for initial coin offerings.

Ethereum has started implementing a series of upgrades called Ethereum 2.0, which includes a transition to proof of stake and aims to increase transaction throughput using sharding. You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who decided to create a payment system as a joke, making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies at the time.

Despite its satirical nature, some consider it a legitimate investment prospect. Dogecoin features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo and namesake. It was introduced on December 6, 2013, and quickly developed its own online community, reaching a market capitalization of over $85 billion on May 5, 2021. promotes the currency as the “fun and friendly internet currency”, referencing its origins as a joke. Elon Musk frequently mentions or talks about Dogecoin on his Twitter account, boosting its popularity a significant amount in recent years.

You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


Litecoin (LTC or Ł) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Litecoin was an early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin, starting in October 2011. In technical details, Litecoin is nearly identical to Bitcoin.

Litecoin development pioneers technologies including Lightning for instant global settlement of funds and Atomic Swaps for cross blockchain trading.

You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


DAI is a stablecoin cryptocurrency which aims to keep its value as close to one United States dollar (USD) as possible through an automated system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. DAI is maintained and regulated by MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of the owners of its governance token, MKR, who may vote on changes to certain parameters in its smart contracts in order to ensure the stability of DAI currency.

Together, DAI & MakerDAO are considered the first examples of decentralized finance to receive significant adoption. You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


USD Coin (USDC) represents a major breakthrough in how we use money. Digital dollars work like other digital content – They move at the speed of the internet, can be exchanged in the same way we share content, and are cheaper and more secure than existing payment systems.

USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets, redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars, and governed by Centre, a membership-based consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stable coins.

As an open standard and public smart contract, USDC has rapidly grown the largest stable coin industry ecosystem in the world. Hundreds of companies, products and services support the USDC standard, including digital wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols, savings, lending and payment services. USDC is creating value for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

You can read more about this cryptocurrency here.


Make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and now on the web: Apple Pay is simple to use and works with the devices you use every day. Easily pay with your debit cards and credit cards with just a touch. And because your card details are never shared by Apple when you use Apple Pay, making payments with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac is the safer, more private way to pay.

An easier way to pay on the web: Now the convenience of using Apple Pay in stores and within apps is available on the web in Safari. Whether you’re shopping or donating on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, use Apple Pay without having to create an account or log in. Touch ID is also available on the MacBook Pro, so paying happens with just a touch and is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before.

The safer way to pay: When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code. So your card number is never stored on your device or our servers, and when you pay, your card numbers are never shared by Apple with merchants.

Keep your purchases private: Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you. Your most recent purchases are kept in Wallet for your convenience, but that’s as far as it goes.


Google Pay brings together all the ways you can pay with Google. Enter your card information once and use it to:

You can also use your gift cards, loyalty cards, tickets, and coupons with Google Pay when you shop at your favorite stores.


You can use Google Pay to:
  • Check out on Google products like Store and Play.
  • Use your Android phone to make contactless payments or to make purchases in apps or on websites see available countries.
  • Send or receive money from friends and family (US only).

Learn more about what Google Pay is and where you can use it. To start using Google Pay:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Add a payment method.

If you have ever paid for a Google product or service, you will already see information like payment methods and addresses in your Google Pay profile.


To set up the Google Pay app on Android devices:

  1. Make sure your phone’s Android version is Lollipop (5.0) or higher.
  2. Download Google Pay app here for Android devices, or here for iOS devices.
  3. When asked to, add a card.
  4. Open the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions.

You may be asked to set up a screen lock on your Android device. Google Pay works with PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, or retinae scanning screen locks. It will not work with facial recognition or screen locks like Smart Unlock or Knock to Unlock.

If you have another contactless payment app on your phone: In your phone’s Settings app, make Google Pay the default payment app.

If you see one of the below errors, your phone might not be supported.

  • “Google Pay can’t be used”
  • “Google is unable to verify your device”
  • “You can no longer use Google Pay on this phone”

Make sure your phone’s Android version is Lollipop (5.0) or higher. To check your Android version:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app
  2. Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.
  3. You’ll find your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

If your Google Pay app disappeared after you open it for the first time, it may be because the app is not in your main screen. To show it again, in your device settings, change the Home Screen setting to Drawer or Show all apps.


You can also choose to pay by bank transfer if you prefer. Shall you choose this payment method, our banking information are as follow:

COMPANY NAME Asia Worldwide Ltd
COMPANY ADDRESS  Flat/RM 11, 3/F, Kowloon Plaza, 485 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
ACCOUNT NUMBER 143132017838
BANK NAME HSBC (The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)
BANK ADDRESS 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

This method is not automatized, and you will basically need to make a manual bank transfer to us so that your order status can switch from “on-hold” to “processing” once your order has been placed. If you wish to use this payment method, please contact us to confirm that the transfer has successfully been made, so that we can keep an eye on its arrival and confirm reception.

Please note that additional charges may be applied by your bank for any international transfer. These fees vary depending on the bank, please contact your bank for more information.

WARNING: Payment by bank transfer is not immediate (unlike credit card and payment payments), the preparation of your order can only start upon successful transfer.

Do not choose this payment method, as an alternative, if your debit or credit card transaction failed. Placing your order choosing “bank transfer” will switch your order status from “Pending payment” or “Failed payment” to “On-hold”.

If an order status is “On-hold”, you won’t be able to click on the “Order again” button under MY ACCOUNT > MY ORDERS > YOUR ORDER #, which manually repopulates your cart with your previous selection. You will have to contact us so that we can manually switch the order status (for the “order again” button to appear), or add your previous selection to your cart again.


If you are looking for layaway payment plans for your sex doll purchase, this method is the right one for you. Get 6 months special financing on purchases of $99+ every time you shop on Fine Love Dolls.

 Just complete a quick application and get a credit decision in seconds. Subject to credit approval. See terms

Already a PayPal Credit customer? Explore your account


  • You can pay your balance in full by the payment due date that is on your statement to avoid paying any interest, or just make the minimum payments until you have paid off your purchase and pay the accumulated interest from the posting date (usually within a few days after your purchase date).

  • PayPal will send you email reminders when your payments are due. You can also keep track of your account and view your statements online at any time.
  • No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months. Interest will be charged to your account from the posting date (which is usually within a few days after the purchase date) if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months.
  • Log into to check your account information at any time to keep track and make payments.


Fill out a quick application form, get a credit decision in seconds and if approved shop instantly with PayPal Credit right from your PayPal account.


  • PayPal Credit is a reusable credit line with the same security and flexibility you trust from PayPal.
  • If approved, you can start  with a minimum credit line of at least $250. See FAQ for more info.
  • For New Accounts: Variable Purchase APR is 23.99%. The APR is accurate as of 9/1/2021 and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate (as defined in your credit card agreement). Minimum Interest charge is $2.00. See Terms and Conditions tab for more info.
  • If you miss a payment your late fee could be up to $38, even less if it is your first time. See FAQs for more info.


No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

  • Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.
  • A minimum monthly payment is required and may or may not pay off the promotional purchase by the end of the 6 month period.
  • No interest will be charged on the purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months. If you do not, interest will be charged on the purchase from the purchase date at the Purchase APR applicable to your account.
  • For New Accounts: Variable Purchase APR is 23.99%. The APR is accurate as of 9/1/2021 and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate (as defined in your credit card agreement). Minimum Interest charge is $2.00.
  • Individual items that are less than $99 qualify for special financing when combined for a total of $99 or more in a single transaction.
  • Multiple separate transactions of less than $99 per transaction cannot be combined to meet the minimum purchase amount.


Buy now and pay over time with PayPal Credit when you spend $98.99 or less.

  • If you pay your balance in full each month by the payment due date that is on your statement, you can avoid paying interest.
  • Or, make minimum monthly payments, or any additional amount of your choosing, until you’ve paid off your balance according to your standard account terms. Please note, interest charges may apply.
  • We’ll send you email reminders when your payments are due. You can also keep track of your account and view your statements online at any time.


Sezzle is a payment solution that enables you to “Shop Now and Pay Later” with simple interest-free installment plans. Sezzle breaks down your order purchase into four smaller payments spread over six weeks.

25% is due at the time of the transaction, with the remaining 75% due across three easy payments scheduled every two weeks.

When you complete a purchase with Sezzle, we ship your product immediately. You get to enjoy your doll before you finish paying for it!


Sezzle’s extended payment option does not qualify as a credit product per Reg Z, however they still pull your credit score as part of our risk check.

This check will not have a negative impact, because Sezzle is not a credit product per Reg Z. This is considered a ‘soft check’ of credit.

Sezzle uses your credit information to help for approval, verify your identity and reduce fraud.


Similar to Klarna, Sezzle provides you with a payment option where you can buy now, and pay later.

When you place an order through Sezzle, their unique approvals system reviews your account to determine what sort of repayment plan Sezzle can offer. In most cases, it’s 25% of the order total due up-front (also called your “down payment” or “first instalment”), with the remaining amount divided up across three more instalments, each due two weeks apart. No interest on pay-in-4, no up-front or hidden fees as long as you pay off your instalments on time*.

When your order is placed, Sezzle pays Fine Love Dolls in full for the order immediately – So that we can process your order just like if you had paid it in full with a credit card! This isn’t layaway, so we fulfill your order within our normal shipping and processing times.

Sezzle checkout is straightforward – Simply shop Fine Love Dolls and select “Sezzle” at checkout, and let yourself get walked through the rest of the process.

  1. Select Sezzle gateway at checkout for your order
  2. Sign up or login to Sezzle with the bank account you would like to use.
  3. Confirm your purchase. Sezzle will automatically schedule payments over 6 weeks, interest-free


To use Sezzle, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older (19 years or older in Alabama or if you are a ward of the state in Nebraska)
  • Have a valid mobile number and email address
  • Have an active bank account
  • Sezzle’s extended payment product does not qualify as a credit product per Reg Z, which means there is no “hard credit” check typically associated with credit products.


To use Sezzle, you must be from either:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


Sezzle is completely interest-free for you. Fine Love Dolls pays Sezzle a fee for each transaction so that we can help you Shop Now and Pay Later.

The only fees you could potentially incur are failed payment fees and late payment fees. If your scheduled payment fails to process, you will be charged a $10 failed payment fee.

We do our best to prevent this from happening by sending email and text reminders. Rescheduled payments will incur a $5 late payment fee.


The approval process is fast and easy. Simply select Sezzle as your payment method during checkout. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about yourself.

Sezzle will secure the checkout using a one-time password that is sent via SMS text to the mobile number you provide.

You will then be asked to select and login to your bank as the final step in our checkout.

The entire process should take under 2 minutes for first time Sezzle users. The secure checkout takes a few seconds to complete for regular Sezzle users.


Sezzle believes security is critically important. They undergo quarterly scans and yearly audits for the highest level of compliance in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure that your data is safely stored in Sezzle’s systems.

They are currently being certified to the top level of compliance – PCI Level 1.


While Sezzle strives to offer all applicants an installment plan, they simply are not able to approve every application.

If Sezzle is not able to approve your application, you will immediately be notified of their decision.

When determining which orders to approve, Sezzle considers a number of different factors. For example, the longer you have been a shopper with Sezzle and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

Here are some things to consider:

• Do you have sufficient funds available – generally Sezzle looks to see that you have 25% of the order available to spend
• The amount you have to repay on previous orders – it may help to pay some off (not a guarantee)
• The value of the order you are trying to place – it may help to reduce the value of your shopping cart (not a guarantee)

We completely understand the frustration involved in not knowing exactly how much you can spend or how many active orders you can have. However, rules and approval process help Sezzle responsibly offer a completely free service to shoppers.

For more information, please visit:

accepted payment method: sezzle


Splitit is a payment system that allows you to Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) with Instalments-as-a-Service solution (IAAS). Unlike Paypal Credit, Klarna, Sezzle, etc… no credit check is required, no additional line of financing is required, and no need to navigate to a third-party loan website.

Customers with a credit card already have everything they need to create an affordable, manageable instalment plan. When i comes to approval, it is all based on the current balance that is available on your credit card. Rather than being charged for the total purchase amount upfront, Splitit will trigger a pre-authorized payment of the total.

You can decide on a repayment schedule (the number of monthly payments) and amount that fits your budget. Payments will then be deducted from your credit card on a monthly basis. You will not pay any fees, penalties, or additional interest.

The difference between Splitit and  is that your order will only ship once the payment has been made in full.

This payment method, is similar to the old solution we used to have called, which sadly does not allow adult toys anymore for new accounts. Splitit is adapted to customers whom are not in a hurry to receive their doll, and are looking for a manageable way of splitting their payment over time automatically and without any additional cost.


Splitit is a payment gateway that enables Fine Love Dolls to offer monthly instalment payments to their customers. Unlike Buy Now Pay Later providers, there are no applications or credit checks and Splitit does not charge interest or fees; even if you pay late (although your credit card provider might so please check with your bank).

When you make your purchase, Fine Love Dolls takes your first instalment payment. At the same time and in addition to your monthly payments, the full outstanding purchase amount is authorized (held) in order to guarantee future payments to Fine Love Dolls. These authorizations may be renewed periodically (usually every 17-21 days) and reduce with each installment paid. As long as your plan is kept up to date, these authorizations are not charged.

For this reason, you must maintain sufficient available credit on your credit card for the full outstanding amount of your purchase during the period of the plan. The held amount might show as ‘pending transaction’ on your credit card statement.

Please click here for more information about how Splitit works.

This solution is suitable for customers not looking to make a large purchase in full at once right away, and would rather opt for an automated and interest-free payment plans with instalments automatically paid for the purchase, on a monthly basis over an extended period of time.

This payment method is great as you can set everything up, and simply forget about it while slowly completing your purchase without any hassle or extra cost. Depending on the selected plan, it can take quite a long time to complete though.


There is no credit check with this payment gateway.


You can use Splitit with the following credit cards:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • VISA Electron
  • Diners Club
  • AMEX

Unfortunately neither pre-paid cards nor debit cards are eligible with this payment method, with our apologies.


Splitit is completely interest-free for you. Fine Love Dolls pays Splitit a fee for each transaction so that we can help you Shop Now and Pay Later. The only fees you could potentially be charged by your bank are failed payment fees and late payment fees.


Yes. Log in to the shopper portal here and on the right hand side, click ‘Pay next payment’ on the next payment you wish to make. If you wish to make your payment on a different card, please update your card details first. You can only update your card 2 times in any 24 hour period.


Of course, as long as you have the available credit, Splitit does not affect your ability to use your credit card at all. Bear in mind though that you need to have at least the whole value of your purchase available on your card as we keep an authorization (hold) on this to guarantee future payments.

The authorization amount reduces with each monthly payment you make until the balance is cleared and we renew these authorizations periodically. The previous authorization is removed as soon as we receive a new one.


As Splitit uses your existing credit on your credit card, rather than new credit, there is nothing for us to report back to credit reference agencies so your credit score is unaffected.

Your card provider simply sees the individual installment charges each month. If one of your payment authorizations or payments is declined, there is still no effect on your credit rating; it is simply a declined charge.

If you use your credit card to pay your installments, we help you keep the amount you owe on your credit card down as your credit card company only bills you for your monthly Splitit installment charges rather than the whole amount owed.


The currency used to pay for your monthly instalments is the same as the one that you selected for your order. For example, if you make a purchase in USD$, your payments will be in that currency.


Thank you for shopping with us! Congratulations and your approval by Splitit. Once you have selected the number of instalments for your payment plan, all you need to is wait until your payment plan is complete and we will get right back to you!

Once your payment plan arrives around 90% completion, we will go ahead and forward your order to production, so that it can ship as soon as the payment is complete. We will then get back to you with your tracking code, and remain at your disposal in the meantime of course, if anything else is needed.

For more information, please visit:


Checkout all of our accepted payment methods down below. Simply click on the logo to be redirected to the payment processor’s website for additional information

Cannot find a payment method you usually shop with? Please contact us, we will see what we can do to assist you!

accepted payment method: mastercard

accepted payment method: bank transfer

accepted payment method: visa

accepted payment method: diners club international

accepted payment method: paypal credit

accepted payment method: american express

accepted payment method: discover

accepted payment method jcb

accepted payment method: alipay



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