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What if your sex doll could make you earn money? You heard us right! You do not need a company or a website to become an affiliate, and can generate commissions for each successful referral, for example by posting your affiliate link alongside your doll pictures on social medias!

Generate traffic and would like to join Fine Love Dolls Affiliate Program? We offer 10% commission rate per each successful referral*

As an affiliate, the more people you refer to Fine Love Dolls, the more money you can earn! Our affiliate program is totally free, and only requires a few minutes to submit an application!

*We calculate commissions based on the affiliated customer’s cart total after deduction of any ongoing deal and/or offer. 


You might have seen Youtubers talking about their sponsor on their videos before, with the link to their website in the video description. This is an example of what an affiliate link is. When becoming an affiliate our system will generate a custom affiliate ID, that you can append at the end of any URL on our website.

The format is as follow: ?id=123 where “123” is your unique affiliate ID. So if you add it to, any person visiting this URL will be tracked by our affiliate system as one of your referred visitor. You can keep track of the number of visitors you have referred, as well as how many successful referrals have been made (how many referred visitors made a purchase, making you earn a commission).

As soon as a visitor has been followed your affiliate link once, it does not matter if he or she comes back to our shop without your affiliate ID appended to the URL. Our system has already tracked it as your referral, and will monitor any potential upcoming purchase from this visitor regardless whether it is within weeks or months.


1-  First, register an account on Fine Love Dolls. You can do so on my account page. Once you have done so, come back on the application page.

2- Fill in the affiliate application registration form above, and wait for approval (1-2 business days maximum).

3- Once your application has been approved, you will be prompted to agree to our Affiliate program terms & conditions.

As per step 1 above, in order to do so, you need to create an account ideally before applying to become an affiliate. If you have already done so, go directly to step 4.

If you have not registered an account before applying, simply click on “lost password?”  on my account page, or visit directly this page. Fill the email you have used to apply and the system will send you your password reset link to your mailbox. Once you have successfully reset your password, login and go to step 4.

4- You can now login to your account, and head over to your affiliate dashboard. Click on “REVIEW TERMS AND GET STARTED!” to be able to access your personal dashboard.

This will give you access to several resources such as the ability to track your affiliate traffic and successful referrals, generate your personal affiliate link(s), etc…Make sure to check out our available ads creatives as well!

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