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    We use the latest generation skeletons or our TPE dolls. Our skeletons have body joints made of multiplex metal to guarantee any sorts of poses, just like a real person.

    Hands and fingers are all individually articulated as well. Feet are also articulated, and can move up and down. If you choose the option stand-up, your doll will also be able to stand up by herself thanks to metal screws in each of her feet.

    Please note that it might be hard without experience, to find the right balance for your doll at first.

    We strongly recommend that your doll wears shoes for extra ground stability (be careful as screws can damage the screw soles. Do not hesitate to add a piece of protection wood in the shoe).

    Make sure to check our guide on how to handle and manipulate TPE Dolls here.

    Please see below picture for more details about our TPE dolls skeleton:


    The new skeleton available for WM Doll, JY Doll, AS Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll and SM Doll, Irontech Doll, Doll 4Ever models is made out of stainless steel.

    This skeletons has shrugging shoulders, which enables a greater movement range than the standard skeleton.


    You can select between 2 different types of skeletons at checkout on the above brands. The latest generation skeleton (top picture) costs the same price, but takes slightly longer to produce.

    The standard skeleton is the same as the new skeleton, but without the shrugging shoulders (straight bar for the shoulders). It is usually faster to produce, than the latest generation version.

    This kind is available for Piper Doll & Climax Doll models. Both skeletons include articulated hands and feet as well. Thread screw pitch diameter is the same for all brands listed above – 15mm (0.6in).

    If you need extra connector(s) and/or eyebolt(s) for your TPE doll, please visit this page.

    NOTE: In order to avoid industrial intellectual property theft, manufacturers do not display the exact version of the actual skeleton, which is more complex than the above picture.

    1.3. 6YE DOLL MODELS

    6YE Premium uses a different approach than competitors to TPE Doll skeletons. First the material being used is hollow aluminum (against stainless steel for the other brands), making the doll easier to carry and to handle. More suitable for people with back problems for example

    The joint articulations are a ball wrist clipping system, which prevents joints from sometimes being too tight at reception of your doll, or too loose over extended periods of times.

    The head connects to the body a different way than the other manufacturers, and uses its own thread screw clipping system. This thread screw pitch diameter is also compatible with the other brands listed above, or with our suspension kit.




    dollhouse 168 evo skeleton dh168Dollhouse 168 has 2 kind of skeletons, which are close to the main ones used by WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll, etc…

    DH168 Upgraded skeleton EVO, also has the shrugging shoulders ability, and a larger movement ranges on the legs than the upgraded skeleton of the other brands (W shape sitting + squat position).







    Besides Piper Doll, 6YE Premium & Dollhouse 168, TPE dolls heads of all manufacturers are interchangeables, and all thread screw pitch diameters are the same, as mentioned above.

    If you are using our doll customizer to order, please note that you can only select a head and a body from the same manufacturer, as TPE blend tones vary from one manufacturer to the other. You would end up with a head and a body not having the same uniform color.


    This fixation system is used by most of our manufacturing partners. WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll, AS Doll, JY Doll, SM Doll, Irontech Doll, Doll 4Ever, Climax Doll all use the same system, with the same thread screw pitch diameter.

    The screw is a socket set screw (meaning a screw without a head) and can be removed and replaced with the eyebolt of our suspension kit for an optimal storage. Heads screw on top of the bodies.


    6YE Doll here also uses a different approach from other manufacturers for the head & body connector. The heads are maintained thanks to a ball lock system and are fixed to the bodies thanks to a magnetic connector, as per above pictures. This system is also compatible with our suspension kit, but only for the body, not for the head.







    Dollhouse 168 also uses their own head and body connectors, which are quite similar to 6YE ones.

    You do not need to screw the head onto the body, and can simply plug it in and out. This system also enables a greater fluidity during movements of the head.

    The screw connector is compatible with our suspension kit, which can be screwed on top of the connector, just like any other models.

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