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Fine Love Dolls is one of the main TPE & Silicone sex doll online retailer, and your one stop shop for your high end sex dolls!

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Fine Love Dolls is one of the leading sex doll online retailer worldwide of main TPE and silicone sex doll brands. Based in Hong-Kong based with a local presence in mainland China, for sourcing and quality control, as well as local logistic consolidation and shipping (near where most sex doll factories as well as the accessories that we sell are located).

All the models that you see on our shop are from China, and our strategic location allow us to carry on-spot quality controls prior to each shipment. Our team is both France and USA expatriated in China. Our local Chinese established presence is here for your legal protection, but also for quality control, sourcing, logistic, grouping and consolidation (for example, on smaller accessories that can also be sourced locally).

Our long term established presence and volumes allow us to provide you with the lowest prices. Not only are we on the spot, locally coordinating operations, we have also throughout the years, developed strong ties with each of our partner, privileged relationship that benefits to every customer purchasing on behalf of our name. What makes a distributor reliable and trustworthy despite his market size, is the soft power that it can leverage to represent its customers, and stand as a gage of quality guarantee.

Fine Love Dolls has a qualified international team of native Chinese, English and French speakers, to guarantee a smooth communication throughout your order process.


We carefully select the manufacturing partner that we team up with, in order to provide you with the best quality material threshold and manufacturing standards at all time. Conducting inspections on the spot, we also make sure that all of our partners strictly follow best practices to solely focus on excellence.

Fine Love Dolls strictly sells authentic brands, all within the same quality level range. Meaning that we only sell sex dolls that are made from the highest thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grade available on the market (food & medical grade).

Finding the right vendor is a rather time consuming and intensive process. Most doll owners have spent hours looking for the right supplier before taking their decision. With so many information and prices disparity, do not get fooled by hoping to get what is being advertised at a cost sometimes twice cheaper. Thousands, thousands of unfortunate buyers tried it and regret making the mistake of going for it. You won’t outsmart distribution and if something looks too good to be true, in the sex doll world, trust us it 100% is. The painful truth is, in 100% of cases you are going to get scammed, and receive a toxic counterfeit copy merely looking like the original advertised on stolen pictures (assuming you ever receive anything at all).

The sex doll industry growing tremendously in popularity has at the same time, unfortunately become the lair of a  of scammers and counterfeit copies. As a rule of thumb, you get at least 3 scammers per every legit manufacturer. Be sex doll savvy, and save yourself that hassle by checking out our guide on how to spot scams & fake copies here.

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We provide the best high-end sex dolls at the most affordable price. What you see is what you get. You can expect the same quality and level of details as the life size sex dolls that we promote.

Fine Love Dolls serves as a proxy, not only for dolls but also for accessories to avoid you the bitter surprise often experienced on the main ecommerce platform to receive something totally different from what you paid for.

Being closely located to every manufacturers also allows us to consolidate items to be shipped altogether, and avoid you costly logistic fees inherent to acquiring items from multiple vendors. In other words, we provide a one-stop shop solution where you can get everything grouped together and shipped in one package. From makeup to detached parts, accessories, clothing, jewelries, etc…

You can checkout our latest customer reviews on this page. If you would like to see some factory pictures of our life size sex dolls after production, you can also see some of our previous orders pictures on this page.


All of Fine Love Dolls team is at your entire disposal shall you have any additional questions or request! We strive to always make sure our Customers are happy and satisfied! Feel free to reach out, simply follow this link.

You can also get in touch with us using the chat system at the bottom right of the page.

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We ship worldwide to most destinations. Due to law import restrictions, please note that we are unfortunately not allowed to ship our dolls to a few countries that are listed here.

Our high-end sex dolls prices are all taxes inclusive for Europe and no additional expenses such as VAT will apply. For Canada, Australia or United Kingdom, please note that you might have to pay an additional import taxes of 5-10% of the declared value of your doll. We will contact you and provide you with an optimized invoice, so that we can reduce these import duties to the minimum.