HR Doll ™

HR Doll is one of our latest ultra realistic TPE brand. This brand is produced by the same manufacturer as 6YE Premium models.

This manufacturer uses a dryer blend than most of our other partners, which also has a slightly more rigid touch feel. With TPE the more elasticity the more viscosity. You can read more how HR models compare to other brands in terms of quality, options & other factors on this page.

Click here to customize your own HR model with any head or body from HR brand.

Although the thread pitch diameter is the same across all brands, please note that all HR models have a different head connecting system than our other brands (ball lock quick connecting system which is fixed into the head). For more information about TPE Doll brands connectors and skeletons, click here.

HR Dolls use a different approach to TPE Doll skeletons. First the material is hollow aluminum (against stainless steel for the other brands). 

The doll is as a result, easier to carry and handle. More suitable for people with back problems for example.

The joint articulations are a ball wrist clipping system, which prevents joints from sometimes being too tight at reception of your doll, or too loose over extended periods of times.

The head connects to the body a different way than the other manufacturers, and uses its own thread screw clipping system. This thread screw pitch diameter is also compatible with the other brands above, or with our suspension kit, but only for HR Doll bodies.

Unlike the other brands, HR heads are not compatible with our headstand tripods or articulated arm clamps.

Choose from our wide selection of 50+ HR premium models below. If you cannot find a model in particular listed elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us! We are able to provide you with any HR models.

You can sort models by freshness, price or popularity, or use our homepage product finder filters to look for a particular HR sex doll (for example, of 160cm with blue eyes). And/or any attribute such as body type, eyes or hair color, skin tone, ethnicity, breasts size, etc…

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Showing 1–16 of 114 results

Showing 1–16 of 114 results