Dollhouse 168 ™

Dollhouse 168 is another master manufacturer of gorgeous TPE dolls. Click here to customize your own DH168 Doll with any head or body from this brand. Checkout all of our models from this brand below.

Dollhouse168, Piper Doll, as well as Doll 4Ever, are all brands produced by the same manufacturer.

These TPE Doll brands are produced on different production sites across China, and are therefore not intercompatible in our customizer.

You can still however, select another head + body combination instead of the pre-configured models listed below.

Dollhouse168, Piper Doll and Doll 4Ever brands use a proprietary standard or upgraded skeleton (EVO). You can learn more about TPE Dolls skeletons and connectors on this page.

Want to see how this brand compares to other TPE Doll manufacturers? Checkout our TPE Sex doll comparison guide here.

Dollhouse 168 has additional options such as vagina textures.

Additionally, you can also purchase detached parts from this brand, such as wigs or eyes using our accessories bundle kits customizer here.

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Dollhouse168 uses TPE to make our gorgeous models, which is a more economic alternative to silicone. Additionally, it conserves the same features, looks and feels just like real women.

You can customize any details such as skin tone, eye color, hair style, nails, pubic hair, vagina type, areolas size and color, etc…Our dolls are 100% like the pictures. What you see is what you get.

We also provide fast and discreet billing and delivery to your doorstep! Duty paid for USA and Europe.

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Showing all 7 results