Build Your Own Clothing Bundle Kit


Design your own custom clothing bundle kit for your love doll! Browse among more than a thousand different sex doll clothing and accessories such as glasses, sunglasses, hats, caps, shoes, etc…! We keep adding new items on a daily basis, so make sure to come back regularly to see our brand new products!

Simply click on the thumbnail picture  for each section to reveal all items.Our sex dolls accessories are divided into 11 different sections:

  1. GLASSES & SUNGLASSES: Discover our glasses & sunglasses collection for your doll.
  2. SHOES, BOOTS & SANDALS: High heel, stiletto heel, basket shoes, sandals, boots, wedge soles, etc…
  3. HATS & CAPS : Hats, Sun Visors, Caps, etc…
  4. HEADBANDS & BANDANAS: Flower crowns, diamond crowns, etc…
  5. BELTS & GLOVES: Coming soon!
  6. PANTS & SHORTS: Coming soon!
  7. TOPS & SHIRTS: Coming soon!
  8. JACKETS & VESTS: Coming soon!
  9. LINGERIE: Coming soon!

If you are looking for our already existing sex dolls clothing & cosplays, these are available here. You can also view all of our other accessories, such as detached parts, wigs, jewelries, piercings, tattoo decals, etc…on this page.

Once you are happy with your selection, simply click on the ADD TO CART button to add your accessories bundle kit to your shopping cart.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping fees are free for cart totals above $100. If you are only purchasing accessories for a value of less than $100, a $39 shipping fees flat rate will apply to your order.

If you are also purchasing a single head, a single body, or a full doll alongside with your accessory kit, no additional shipping fees will apply.