Are dolls waterproof? Can I bath my doll?

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      Are TPE dolls waterproof? TPE dolls are more exactly water resistant. This is because Thermoplastic Elastomer is a porous material.

      tpe dolls waterproof


      Your sex doll can take showers and bathes. The skin reacts similarly to how human skin would.

      You can see this how water reacts on TPE well on this model.




      ♥ If you have large open wounds on your doll that go down to the skeleton, then make sure that you empty the water which is inside the doll after each bath and dry it off thoroughly.

      ♥ Do not maintain your TPE doll’s head underwater for too long and prevent water from entering the neck area (a good practice is to put a plastic bag in between the head and the body to act as a waterproof joint during the exposure to water.

      ♥ Make sure finally that the water does not exceed 40°C which could potentially deform the TPE or damage your love doll eyelashes and nails.


      Most hygiene products are fine to use with TPE. Her makeup is waterproof too and will not fade away. Make sure to use an antibacterial soap for her private parts after use.

      Additionally if you wish to remove your doll’s makeup, we recommend to use water makeup removal. This is because makeup removal lotions (liquid aspect) work way better than makeup removal oils. For more information about TPE Dolls makeup, visit this thread.


      STEP 1: Once your doll is all clean and ready, dry her thoroughly with a towel and make sure not to leave any part wet or humid, especially cavities and skin folds such as underneath the breasts. You can use an hair dryer but keep it at a safe distance to prevent the TPE, eyelashes, or hair to melt.

      STEP 2: Once your doll is dried up, it is time to apply body lotion to her skin, just like a human would (some of us do). Most body lotion are fine, refrain from using auto tanning lotion which could color the TPE. Massage her skin gently to make the cream penetrate and hydrate the TPE. Whip off the excess of body lotion with a dried towel or a napkin.

      TPE works much like a spongious body and is absorbent so do not use oil. Saturating her skin with baby oil will give an unpleasant touch feel and stain clothes or bed sheets. Prefer Hydrating cream instead of oil type lotions.

      STEP 3: Apply baby powder to her skin and massage it gently. That’s it your doll’s skin is now smooth and supple just like a baby’s butt!



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      Hi I’m new here and have dolls, I find interesting things here and some new tips that I dont know.
      Thank you. About this post, I know for a fact that most dolls are waterproof, so you can bathe it but you need to make sure that you dry it before using it. Make sure as well to place it or stored it in room in a normal temperature because the temperature will affect doll skin.

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      Hello All,

      I am new here and I consider myself up and coming on doll topics, repairs, and care techniques.

      I would like to say I feel it would be best to never submerge a doll under water as in a bathtub, hot tub or swimming pool. You just never know where the cavities in her leads to. and over time could develop a defect that is unknown at the time and allow water into the skeletal structure and damage her slowly over time.
      This damage would be noted as a jelly like feeling around the “bones” water leaking out of small punctures in the feet, or discolored TPE or joint areas. As bad as that sounds, it can be worse.
      Black Mold can develop inside the TPE between the skeleton due to it being wrapped in a fibrous cloth to allow the TPE to “adhere” to the metal (as TPE really sticks to nothing but what you DON’T want it to sometimes lol)

      A great way to clean her up is this Use a sitting bathing stool, or plastic chair to sit her in the shower or bathtub above water level. OR
      If you have a hanging kit and a clear way to hang her body over the bathtub (as I do) you can do that BUT be sure and cover the neck attaching part (neck stump) with a plastic bag, or tape up with waterproof tape such as duct tape. and DO NOT spray water directly on the neck stump. Use wet cloth with mild soap to clean.

      Do not EVER spray pressurized water into the cavities as if there is a small tear, it will go into the skeleton or could dislodge the TPE seal in the Vagina on some models and cause a leak into the skeleton. Only use the supplied cleaning tool or one like it with gentle pulses (like a woman douching) I prefer Hydrogen peroxide as my girl has a fixed vagina. Then Be sure and dry out all wet orifices and I apply a very light coat of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) to the insides to drive out any remaining moister left.
      Some dry the girls bits with an aquarium pump. This is acceptable also but be sure and leave room for the air to exit also.

      These tools here are excellent for cleaning and initial drying of orifices

      Hope that helps!

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