Piper Doll ™

Piper Doll is another manufacturer of gorgeous TPE dolls. Based in China, this manufacturer is as old as WM Doll, and is well known and appreciated among doll owners, initially starting with Japan years ago.

Piper Doll, Dollhouse 168, and Doll 4Ever are all produced by the same manufacturer (different production sites).

These 3 brands all share the same options, proprietary standard and upgraded skeleton, as well as some options, such as vagina textures or lips coating options.

These models when moulded with the upgraded skeleton can additionally sit with legs in W position. Thighs can also bend at a wider angle, and Piper models can also pose in squatting position, thanks to a proprietary skeleton.

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Please note however that Piper Doll models are moulded as 1 piece, unlike our other models. Heads on Piper models are not interchangeable or removable.

Piper TPE Dolls are not compatible either with our headstands or with our suspension kit.

To learn more about Piper models skeleton and connectors, please visit this page.

Additionally, you can also purchase detached parts from this brand, such as wigs or eyes using our accessories bundle kits customizer here.

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Showing 1–16 of 63 results