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WM Doll, also known as Jinsan or WM Dolls is the oldest Chinese manufacturer of TPE sex dolls. Pioneers in the industry, this doll maker has quickly extended its ultra realistic sex doll range to hybrid sex dolls, as well as silicone sex dolls.

This manufacturer has over 600 sex dolls to choose from, and has been dominating the market for years, and is well known and recognized among doll owners for its quality and realism. WM has also the most extensive selection of options available, ranging from implanted hair to enhanced mouth, H2O cyberskin vagina, etc…

WM Doll, OR Doll, YL Doll & Angel Kiss are all sex doll brands made by the same factory and are all compatible in our sex dolls customizer. You can therefore select any head or body from these 4 brands together!

Additionally, Fine Love Dolls has its own exclusive line of WM Dolls models only available on our shop! Browse among more than 30 gorgeous exclusive sex dolls with 10+ unique WMDoll heads that you won’t find elsewhere! You can see our private collection here.

Want to see how WM Doll sex dolls compare to other TPE Doll manufacturers? Checkout our TPE Sex doll comparison guide here.

For more information about TPE Dolls, checkout our user guide.

Below are all our WM Dolls models available. You can either choose one of our pre-configured below or build your own sex doll from head to toe using our customizer.

WM Doll Single heads are available on our single head customizer here. You can narrow down results to this brand only using our filters (Filter by manufacturer > WM Doll).

Single bodies from this manufacturer are available on our single body customizer here.

Want to see our WM Doll best sellers? You can sort all existing WM models below using the “sort by” toggle bar. You order all sex dolls by newness, price, popularity, or average rating.

Additionally, to look for a particular model, use our doll finder filters on the shop page, to narrow down results based on your own criteria! (For example, only 163cm | 5’4″ and/or 168cm | 5’6″ WM models, with blond hair and/or blue eyes, etc…).

WMDoll models count among the most counterfeit and copied products on the market. If you are interested in purchasing a model from this manufacturer, be careful where you buy it from!

Authentic WM models will all have a anti-copy certification code which can be verified directly onto WM official website here: VERIFY A WM DOLL SEX DOLL

Make sure to check our guide on how to spot fake sex dolls and avoid scams. Fine Love Dolls is among WMDoll oldest partner, and is WM Doll’s biggest vendor, quantity wise. Buying from us is the guarantee to receive a genuine authentic model.

You can additionally also purchase detached parts from this brand, such as wigs or eyes using our accessories bundle kits customizer here.

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Showing 1–16 of 898 results

Showing 1–16 of 898 results