Siliko Doll ™

Siliko Doll is our latest brand available and is a sex doll range of full silicone dolls with interchangeable heads.

Siliko Doll is a promising brand with a fast growing collection of ultra realistic heads and bodies. Created by the same group as Piper Doll, Dollhouse168 and Doll 4Ever, this manufacturing companies is well known among doll owners for their high quality threshold and attention to details. This gives the guarantee that Siliko Doll models respect the highest standards and best practices in the industry.

Siliko sex dolls also use the same EVO skeleton as the 3 brands listed above, which has the ability to squat, and feature additional options such as movable eyes. Eyes can also be orientated towards any directions on any TPE doll models, but not as easily as Siliko Doll models eyes which have an eye socket base. This allows you to adjust the direction with your index, versus having to reach behind the eye with a curved tool on other models.

You can also select implanted hair and/or eyebrows for this brand, and choose the color and length that you wish to have.

Models from this brand have cavities made of a different silicone blend than the rest of the body, which has an increased elasticity and softness. Although silicone is usually much more rigid and less elastic than TPE, Siliko silicone blend is a composite type that is much softer than most of its competitors.

Sex dolls made of silicone are more expensive than their TPE counterpart. It has certain advantages over TPE such as permanent makeup ability, and being slightly easier to repair. You can read more between the difference of thermoplastic elastomers versus silicone on this page.

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For more information about sex dolls, checkout our user guide.

Below are all our Siliko Doll models available. You can either choose one of our pre-configured below or build your own sex doll from head to toe using our customizer.

Siliko Doll Single heads are available on our single head customizer here. You can narrow down results to this brand only using our filters (Filter by manufacturer > Siliko Doll).

Single bodies from this manufacturer are available on our single body customizer here.

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Additionally, to look for a particular model, use our doll finder filters on the shop page, to narrow down results based on your own criterias! (For example, only 150cm | 4’11” Siliko models, with blond hair and/or blue eyes, etc…).

You can additionally also purchase detached parts from this brand, such as wigs or eyes using our accessories bundle kits customizer here.

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Showing 1–16 of 25 results

Showing 1–16 of 25 results