Customize your own TPE Doll

Create your own TPE doll From head to toe in 5 minutes with our industry’s unique TPE Doll customizer!

Like a particular body but would prefer a different head instead for your love doll? No problem! Browse among all the single heads and single bodies of our store and create the woman of your dream in no time!

If you would like to see more pictures of a TPE Doll body or a head under different perspectives, simply click on the thumbnail picture, then click on the link in the description of the component that you have chosen.



Fine Love Dolls distribute several sex dolls brands from different manufacturers and therefore, different production sites. TPE blends vary from one fabricant to the other.

As a result,  you can only select a head and a body from the same manufacturer. Which is why certain bodies will appear greyed out depending on the head that you select.

WM Doll, YL Doll and OR Doll are all brands from the same manufacturer and are therefore compatible in this TPE Doll customizer.

Except from Piper Doll (moulded as 1 piece), 6YE PremiumDollhouse 168 (different connecting systems), all of our sex dolls brands heads and bodies are connected via the same M16 screw connector, and are interchangeable.

Screw thread pitches have the same diameters across all of our brands. However, because TPE blends vary from on manufacturer to the other, we do not recommend that you mix brands together. The reason is because heads and bodies skin tones would not be uniform color wise.

If you wish to buy TPE Doll heads and bodies from different manufacturers, please use either our TPE Doll single head customizer, as well as our TPE Doll single body customizer instead.


If you would like to retrieve a sex doll head or body that you have seen before, try our custom filters! You can narrow down your research quickly to the model that you like in particular:

  • TPE DOLLS HEADS: Filter by eye color, hair color, ethnicity and/or sex doll brand.
  • TPE DOLLS BODIES: Filter by body height, body type, skin tone, and/or love doll brand

Simply click on the “reset” button to remove the custom filter(s) selection. Make sure to select all options in order to be able to add your tailor made sex doll to your shopping cart.


If you would like to add additional accessories for your love doll, you can also create your own custom accessories bundle kit here! Choose between more than a thousand items including clothing, jewelries, piercings, detached parts & much more!