Bulk & Wholesale

Looking to start your own local sex doll shop, or would like to diversify into sex dolls? Regardless whether your store is online or offline, we can help! Why choosing Fine Love Dolls as your B2B partner you may ask yourself, here are a few key facts to consider:

FACT #1: All sex doll manufacturers, regardless whether it is silicone or TPE made, are all based in China. None of the brands listed on our website or the websites of our competitors are made elsewhere. Local sex doll shops will import these dolls in bulk, pre-built, by sea. Shipping takes much longer than way, but it reduces logistic cost.

FACT #2: Manufacturers are located in remote Chinese places with a limited English ability. Most doll makers rely on online distributors (like Fine Love Dolls) to do the translation and to sell the dolls to smaller online and offline resellers (or directly to customers).

A good example are most of TDF reselling partners, which are all online stores based abroad relying on a Chinese agent to do the intermediary with the factories. This is of great help as these vendors do not have a physical presence in China, or cannot communicate with factories due to cultural and linguistic barriers.

FACT #3: If you are going to import several dolls in bulk, you are going to need someone on the spot to help you with:


How do you know from abroad, that your distributor is selling authentic models and not counterfeit low cost copies? Or that this partner is who he/she pretends to be? Most local Chinese businessmen will tell you that they are the factory, or have direct access to manufacturers, but how can you make sure of the stock you are going to purchase without being on the spot or without a reliable local partner that you can trust? How many intermediaries are in-between you and the manufacturer?

Our sourcing team can also help with other locally produced items, such as side accessories or other adult related products.


If you want to group several brands in one shipment, how can you arrange it? Do you know a local Chinese freight forwarder specialized in this type of products? Just like other freight forwarders are specialized in wine & spirits, or other goods subject to specific legislations and regulations depending on what, who, how and where sex dolls are exported to.

What if you would like to consolidate items other than dolls alongside with your shipment? What if you had a all-in-one solution to save your time so that you can focus on what matters the most: Your customers


Export & custom clearance paperwork is specific to each country. You need a specialized freight forwarder who knows the best logistic roads and shipping methods. Avoid spending precious time on costly mistakes.

Get access to the right info, import laws in your own country, at the best rate


One of these times where speaking Chinese and having long term relationship with manufacturers makes the difference. Benefit from our international team of both local Chinese and Westerners, get the best prices as well as an optimal support if anything does not go as planned.


Get real market insights and business intelligence insider information on what sells the best, how to sell it, to always keep one step ahead on competition. With over 5 years of existence and thousands of dolls sold, we can share some valuable knowledge.


A direct line of communication (via whatsapp) to be here to answer any question you or your customer(s) might have as fast and as efficiently as possible. Fine Love Dolls guarantees thorough after sale service on all of our products.

We are that distribution partner who will work the extra mile for you, in a mutually rewarding relationship. Your growth and sustainability is our common concern.


Failure teaches experience and sometimes a good piece of advice, as genuine as it seems can prevent you from making costly mistakes or wrong decisions. Fine Love Dolls has a long term established presence online, and counts among the oldest sex doll shops. Our expertise & pragmatism on how to market sex dolls, and we are that local partner who will not only understand your needs and those of your customers, but also help you maximize your returns, outsmart and shortcut competition, help you grow, and hack your industry knowledge up to expert level, in no-time. Just like if you had been in the game for years.

Fine Love Dolls is that all-in-one partner you are looking for. Why us? Because we are here to fix all the problems raised above for you, and much more industry related issues you have probably not yet thought of.  You team with us, you learn from our mistakes as well, and how not to reproduce them – You are in for the win. Check out our below resources for sex doll merchants: