How to change TPE Dolls Eyes & Heads

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      All dolls’ heads are changeable and screwable. The thread pitch diameter is the same across all manufacturers except 6YE Doll and Piper Doll.You can purchase single heads here.

      If you are using our doll customizer to order, please note that you can only select a head and a body from the same manufacturer, as TPE blend tones vary from one manufacturer to the other. You would end up with a head and a body not having the same uniform color.

      Additionally, you can also very easily change TPE Dolls eyes as well as eyelashes.


      The screw is a socket set screw (meaning a screw without a head) and can be removed and replaced with the eyebolt of our suspension kit for an optimal storage. Heads screw on top of the bodies.


      6YE Doll here also uses a different approach from other manufacturers for the head & body connector. The heads are maintained thanks to a ball lock system and are fixed to the bodies thanks to a magnetic connector, as per above pictures.


      The eyes of your doll are half spheric and hollow as per the below picture.

      TPE Doll Eyes 



      Prior to proceed, make sure you have the following items available:

      • Eyelash glue (this is NOT TPE glue) in case the eyelashes were to fall during the process
      • Metal ear wax cleaning stick or any other similar curved and thin tool.

       STEP 1: Gently spread both eyelids with your index and thumb, just like you would with your own eye, every morning right? Make sure not to spread it too wide open in order not to tear the commissures open.







      tpe dolls replace eyesSTEP 2: When you feel you have a straight access to the bottom of the eye cavity, gently insert the ear curette in the cavity and grad the inside of the eye with the curved part of the tool.







      how to change eyes on a tpe doll STEP 3: While still maintaining the eyelids open, gently pull the eye out sideways, and grab it with your index and thumb when accessible. That’s it! Your doll might temporarily look creepy for a bit.

      PLEASE NOTE: Edges of eyes will not cut you but are quite sharp. These could cut your doll eyelid if you force the eyeball into the head sideway.

      Be careful when inserting or removing the eyeball not to cut the eye commissures.




      tpe dolls change eyes FIRST STEP: Same as above, gently spread both eyelids with your index and thumb, make sure not to spread it too wide open in order not to tear the commissures open.







      change tpe doll eyes2ND STEP: Insert the eye in the cavity sideway the eyeball facing you should be inserted horizontally, just follow the shape of the hole.

      Here again proceed slowly and step by step if you need so. Do not force the eyeball into the skull which could cut the eyelid commissures.






      change tpe dolls eyesTHIRD STEP: Once the eyeball is placed into the cavity, push it on one side with your index (still while maintaining the eyelid open)








      FINAL STEP: Make sure the iris are aligned correctly or else she might look a bit drunk. That’s it! This is how you change TPE Dolls eyes.


      You can take advantage of the hollow half eyeball. The hollow side allows you to place a spherical object into the cavity prior the replacing the eyes.

      This will allow your doll’s eyes to move with more flexibility than without.

      If you prefer, you can also use cotton balls to have your TPE Doll eyes pop out more. Additionally, this will give your doll’s face a totally different expression!


      That might happen as the eyelash glue is not meant to hold as well as super glue. You will need eyelash glue at some point in the future.

      You can use our makeup kit available here, or purchase a new eyelash set from any convenient store at an affordable cost.


      In this tutorial, we will teach you how to change TPE Dolls eyelashes easily and in no-time. You will need the below items:

      replace tpe doll eyelashes how to change sex doll eyelashes

      All of these items are available if your order our makeup kit at checkout or on this page. Among makeup, our kit also includes an eyelash glue, fake TPE Doll eyelashes, as well as an eyelash tweezers.

      change tpe doll eyelashesSTEP 1: Open the eyelash glue bottle and make sure the applicator brush inside has glue on it. Using the tweezers and your other hand, pick one fake eyelash up. Use the glue applicator brush and spread glue evenly on the fake eyelash line.

      change tpe dolls eyelashes

      STEP 2: Using the tweezers, apply gently the fake eyelash onto your doll eyelid. You can breathe in and out to shake less, as this is a delicate step.

      Second, use the tip of the tweezers to evenly fix it onto the eyelid. Finally wait for the eyelash glue to dry.

      If the length is too long you can cut it using scissors. That’s it! To finalize your work, use the eyeliner included in your makeup kit. Applying it to the inner part of the eyelid will result in a smoother and more even look.

      We also always remain at your disposal if you require further assistance! Feel free to contact us or to reply directly to this thread.








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      Yes, Eyelashes are the Bane of my makeup skills. They are the most difficult to put on.
      and in the U.S. I have yet to find any lower (shorter and smaller) lashes in regular stores.
      Eyelash glue is perfect as it give you plenty of time to work and position the lash. Super glue holds the best, but, it has a much shorter working time and is very hard to remove from TPE. I have also heard of companions damaging and tearing eyelids removing super glued or nail glued lashes.
      So be careful out there with superglue and TPE. Stick to the best choice, lash glue.


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        Hi ABCcupFan, thank you for this valid point.

        If you only have 1 size eyelashes, and that the upper ones are too long to go underneath, you can simply use scissors to reduce the length and width of the eyelash before applying it onto the eyelid of your doll. Hope that helps !

        The eyelids are a thin part which is therefore more sensitive and easier to damage. DO NOT use TPE Glue on the eyelid to put on the eyelashes; You would melt them.

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