Male Sex Dolls

Browse below our selection of male TPE dolls below. Fine Love Dolls proposes sex dolls for women from several brands to choose from, Irontech Doll as well as WM Doll.

Our male sex dolls have their own set of options in comparison to their female counterparts. Such as implanted torso hair and beard, as well as different interchangeable penis sizes to choose from. For Irontech Doll male models, you can also select whether you prefer it flaccid or erect.

These handsome sex dolls for women and gay men are the perfect bespoke male companion to spice up your sex life! With well defined muscular bodies and ultra realistic manly faces, fear no more lonely nights or long-distance relationships!

Our male sex dolls are fully articulated with the latest generation of stainless steel skeleton to guarantee all types of poses a human would be able to take. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, this material is the closest known to human skin and has numerous advantages over TPE and latex.

Male sex dolls made from TPE have a greater elasticity than their silicone counterparts, which are much more rigid and less squeezable. You can read more about the differences between TPE & silicone on this page.

Just like their female counterparts, our male sex dolls can have their facial and body attributes customized according to your desires. Any options such as skin tone, eye color, hair style, areolas size and color, etc…

You can additionally use the below filters to sort all available male TPE Dolls by popularity, price, rating, newness, etc…

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Showing 1–16 of 60 results

Showing 1–16 of 60 results