IronTech Doll ®

IronTech Doll is another well-known fabricant of stunning TPE dolls. Click here to personalize your own IronTech Doll. Checkout all of our models from this TPE Doll manufacturer below

IronTech has a smaller yet growing collection of very realistic models and have been around for quite a while now. IronTech Doll models have the same skeleton and options that the other brands available on Fine Love Dolls.

This manufacturer uses medical grade thermoplastic elastomer, just like our other manufacturing partners, with a superior quality product. TPE is a more affordable substitute material than silicone.

You can customize any details such as skin tone, eye color, hair style, nails, pubic hair, vagina type, areolas size and color, etc…Our dolls are 100% like the pictures.

This brand has currently 30 magnificent models listed on our shop. We also provide fast and discreet billing and delivery to your doorstep! Duty paid for USA & Europe.

Showing 1–40 of 64 results

Showing 1–40 of 64 results