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Launched in 2018, IronTech Doll is yet another well-known fabricant of stunning ultra realistic silicone and TPE sex dolls. Irontech Doll factory is, just like most sex doll manufacturers, based in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Although more recent than certain sex doll brands, this manufacturer puts great efforts on details and develops its collection at a quick path, and already counts among the main sex doll manufacturers on the market.

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Irontech Doll offers a large selection of heads and bodies available, in both TPE and silicone material. Below are all our prebuilt Irontech Doll sex doll models, if you prefer to customize your own Irontech head and body combination of your choice, please see below links:

Build my own Irontech full TPE sex doll
Build my own Irontech full silicone sex doll
Build my own Irontech hybrid sex doll (silicone head + TPE body)
Build my own Irontech single TPE head
Build my own Irontech single TPE body
Build my own Irontech single silicone head
Build my own Irontech single silicone body

Additionally, this manufacturer also has several models available directly in-stock duty paid at our US or European warehouse, and can arrive within less than a week. See below links for more information:

In-Stock Irontech Doll models USA
In-Stock Irontech Doll models Europe

Irontech Doll have a lot of options and upgrades to choose from! For more information about what is available for this brand, please see this guide.

Additionally, you can also purchase detached parts from this manufacturer, such as wigs or eyes using our accessories bundle kits customizer here.

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Showing 1–16 of 632 results