Sex Dolls Torsos

Checkout our ever growing collection of sex dolls torsos & other body parts available!

We have several kinds of TPE doll torsos available. TPE doll torsos do not have legs, making them more affordable and lighter to carry or manipulate around. You can choose between different torso types, some with arms and some without.

Please note that for sex dolls torsos without arms and legs such as WM Doll B19 model, only the standard skeleton type is available (shoulders do not shrug). Additionally the heating system is not compatible with TPE dolls torsos without legs and arms. Both options are however compatible with torsos that have arms such as WM Doll B9, B12 or B15 torsos.

All other options are available such as moaning feature, implanted hair option, enhanced mouth, etc…

Due to particular configuration specificities for torsos, we currently are not able to add them to our main full doll customizer. If you wish to customize a specific sex doll torso with a different head instead please use our single head customizer for the head and the single body customizer for the torso separately, thank you for your understanding! All sex doll busts can be found on the single body customizer page.

Concomitantly you can also choose a particular head from these torsos with a different body instead using our full doll customizer.

You can also use our product finder on our main shop page to narrow down sex doll torsos results with specific attributes such as hair or eyes color, ethnicity, body type, etc…the product finder fields can be found on the right sidebar if you are browsing our website on a desktop, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices.

Showing 1–16 of 55 results

Showing 1–16 of 55 results