Gaynor (YL Doll ®) • 148cm | 4’10” • 28C • Elf Ears

$ 1,790.00

I want this single head only
I want this single body only
I want this head with another body

Meet our new cute and sexy YL Doll 148cm elf model Gaynor. This beautiful YourDoll 148cm is our latest adult lifesize doll model.

Her cute 79cm C-cup breast will make you fall in love instantly! Her eyes are blue on the pictures, but you can select any color that you prefer instead!

Please note that this YL Doll 148cm 28C body has a waist too slim, and is not compatible with the body heating system option down below.

Please note that this particular head has elf ears, which are part of the mould. As a result, you cannot get this head moulded with regular ears instead.

If you wish to see this YourDoll 148cm body with a different head on, you can also check this page for all of our 148cm models. Any TPE doll with “148cm 28C” in her product title has the same body as Gaynor.

Make sure to check for your 148cm YL doll elf dimensions tabs below as well! This measure will help you find the best clothing that fits your doll! Please visit our clothing size chart page to find the right size for your YL Doll sex doll.

You can also select any additional accessories, by creating your own custom bundle kit here.

More information about our TPE Dolls are also available on our sex dolls Guide page. To learn in details about shipping & deliveries for our TPE sex dolls, please visit this page.