Elidyr (YL Doll ®) • 165cm | 5’5″ • 30D • Elf Ears

$ 2,099.00

I want this single head only
I want this single body only
I want this head with another body

Checkout this amazing life size elf  doll: Elidyr. This pretty 165cm lifelike elf sex doll from YL Doll knows how to give men a good time with her chic or almost indecent outfits. this sex doll knows how to use her fantasy charms and will give you instant pleasure.

YL Doll, OR Doll and WM Doll are all brands from the same manufacturer and are therefore compatible in our customizer.

Her articulated metal skeleton covered by quality TPE gives an impression of realism and touch sensations equal to the softness of a real woman’s skin.

Our dolls faces are all hand-made and are sculpted by experienced professional, striving to achieve a lifelike results. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before.

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