Tan Skin Sex Dolls

Browse below our large selection of tan skin TPE Dolls below. You can select the tan skin option for any doll on our shop or you can click here to customize your own TPE doll from head to toe!

What Fine Love Dolls refers to here by tan skin sex dolls are all skin colors ranging from #4 light tan skin tone to #5 tan skin tone. This encompasses all asian, caucasian or light ebony looking faces as well, regardless the ethnicity of a given model.

Tan skin models are the most appreciated tones among doll owners and encompasses most of our pre-built models available in store. The darker the skin tone, the harder it is to stain too. Unless you do like pale looking women we recommend that you choose either tan or light tan for your sex doll, but the choice is all yours!

There is something in particular about wonderfully tanned, sun-kissed skin on a lady that is totally remarkable. Suppose you could have the hottest, most delightfully tanned lady like the sex bombs you met at the beach? Now you can. Tanned sex dolls also look well on asian sex dolls, to give them a South East asian look, as well as on caucasian models, for a latina looking lady.

You can also check all of our pale skin sex dolls on this page, or with ebony skin tone here, and also our asian models here.

If you are not sure which skin tone a given pre-built sex doll on our shop has due to light exposure, you can simply choose the “SAME AS PICTURES” option for the model that you would like to match pictures.

Browse among our tan sex dolls below, you can customize any options on top of her skin tone. For example her eye color or her hair style.

You can also use our product finder on our main shop page to narrow down results to a specific brand of tan sex dolls only (for example, WM Doll tanned sex doll models).

Showing 1–32 of 1126 results

Showing 1–32 of 1126 results