TPE Dolls

Browse among our large collection of TPE sex dolls down below. We propose 3 different material options for your doll:

Full TPE sex dolls, hybrid sex dolls (silicone head + TPE body) or full silicone sex dolls.

As the sex doll market grew mainstream, dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer have quickly taken over as the preferred material among doll owners, given its numerous advantages over silicone. Not only in the doll industry, TPE has also become a great substitute alternative to silicone in most manufacturing processes (for example aeronautic, aerospatial, automotive, medical, food & beverage, etc…)


• Greater elasticity than silicone (for the premium quality brands)
Implanted hair & eyebrows capacity (for brands such as WM, YL, OR, SE Doll)
• More affordable than silicone sex dolls
• Easier to mould (higher level of details than silicone dolls)
• Recyclable (environment friendly)
• Latex & PVC free (which are known allergens)


• Porous material (harder to sterilize)
• Cannot be permanently painted or tattooed (unlike silicone)
• Can be toxic and even carcinogen (fake cheap counterfeit copies)
• Higher viscosity than silicone (will get tacky without baby powder once in a while)

Read more about the differences between thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone sex dolls on this page.

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Showing 1–16 of 2973 results

Showing 1–16 of 2973 results