Creatures (Elves & Vampires)

Browse below our large selection of elves sex dolls, vampire TPE Dolls, and other TPE creatures below.

Please note that TPE Dolls listed as “creatures” have faces with either elf ears and/or vampire teeth.

As heads are a one mould piece, we cannot put elf ears on a head with regular ears and vice versa, as these are moulded with the face. As a result an elf sex doll head can only be made with elf ears.

Models listed below with visible vampire teeths (YL Doll 148cm | 4’11” for example), are also part of the mould and are made of thermoplastic elastomer, just like the rest of the vampire sex doll. To whiten your doll’s vampire teeth for a more realistic look, you can check this tutorial.

You can however have regular resin teeth added to your model or vampire resin teeth. For WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll or SE Doll models, you can select our resin teeth set + magnetic tongues upgrade. These sets can be inserted in and out of your doll’s mouth for a very realistic look. For other sex dolls brands, it is also compatible, and can be purchased separately here.

If you like sex doll faces with a smiling expression and visible teeth, you can also view or other models with regular TPE moulded teeth on this page.

Want a elf sex doll or a vampire sex doll face with a different body? You can click here to customize your own elf or vampire TPE doll from head to toe!

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Showing 1–32 of 93 results

Showing 1–32 of 93 results