Megan (WM Doll ®) • 157cm | 5’2″ • 26AA

$ 1,890.00

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Meet Megan, one of our best selling WM Doll ginger model. This sexy red hair doll will amaze you with her ultra realistic face. This WM Dolls 157cm (5ft2) creature has a petite body and cute small boobs, with a thin waist.

Megan has visible teeth that are part of the mould and made of thermoplastic elastomer, like the rest of the doll. This WM Doll ginger is not wearing our resin teeth & tongue set available as an upgrade below. You can see the teeth set mounted on another model Sami for example on this page.

If you wish to see this 157cm WM Dolls body with a different head on, you can also check this page for all of our 157cm models. Any TPE doll with “157cm 26AA” in her product title has the same body as this WM Doll ginger beauty.

Additionally, you can use the product finder on our main shop page, and further refine your research using the attribute filters (for example, all WM Dolls 157cm, 158cm and 175cm models with green eyes and ginger hair).

You can also browse our other sex dolls with the same face below product tabs (Just above the footer).

Make sure to check for your WM Doll ginger model dimensions tabs below as well! This measure will help you find the best clothing that fits your doll! Please visit our clothing size chart page to find the right size for your 157cm WM Dolls sex dolls.

Like the way Megan looks on the pics? If you are not sure which configuration to select, you can purchase this TPE doll exactly “as is”, by simply selecting “Same as pictures”, for all or some customisation option below. Megan’s wig is not part of WM Doll’s standard selection, but is available if you select “same as pictures” for the wig option.

You can also select any additional accessories, such as detached parts (like eyes or wigs from other brands) by creating your own custom bundle kit here.

More information about our TPE Dolls are also available on our sex dolls Guide page. To learn in details about shipping & deliveries for our TPE sex dolls, please visit this page.

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