Chung-Hee (Starpery ®) • 171cm | 5’7″ • 30C • Hybrid

USD 1,750.00

Meet Chung-Hee, our new 171cm Starpery hybrid sex doll with cute medium C-cup breasts. Hybrid models have a silicone head with a TPE body, but you can also choose the silicone version of this Starpery 171cm (5ft7) body. This gorgeous model has sexy long and thin legs, as well as a slightly muscular belly.

This 171cm Starpery doll has a silicone head, which is more expensive than regular TPE heads, and has a wig on the pictures, option that you can select down below. You can alternatively choose to have implanted hair or a lace wig instead, which is more affordable. Lace wigs can replicate the naturally blending hairline better. For more information about the differences between regular wigs, lace wigs or implanted hair, please visit this page.

Please note that the implanted hair and/or eyebrows option is only available if you select the stiff silicone blend head. Note also that only Starpery sex dolls with soft silicone head can be used for oral intercourse (not compatible with implanted hair as per above though).

This Starpery 171cm asian sex doll has blue eyes on the pictures, as well as red hair. You can select any attribute down below instead, from our wide selection of options. Starpery proposes 3 kinds of eyeballs: Regular, quick moving or high-end quick moving eyeballs. you can read more about each eyeball type and how they compare to one another on this page.

Alternatively you can use a regular wig at no cost extra or a lace wig to replicate that naturally blending hairline. For more information about the differences between regular wigs, lace wigs or implanted hair, please visit this page.

Our Starpery 5ft7 sex dolls are fully customizable down below. You can also see this Starpery 5’7″ body with a different head on, on this page. Any doll with “171cm 30C” in her product title has the same body as this model. Note that Starpery has a total of 3 different 171cm (5’7″) bodies. 2 different “30C” (one with a waist larger than the other) and a “30AA” one.

Make sure to check for your 171cm Starpery sex doll dimensions tabs below as well! This measure will help you find the best clothing that fits your doll! Please visit our clothing size chart page to find the right size for your sex dolls.

Like the way Chung-Hee looks on the pics? If you are not sure which configuration to select, you can purchase this Starpery 171cm doll exactly “as is”, by simply ticking the checkbox “Same as pictures” for all options below.

You can also select any additional accessories, by creating your own custom bundle kit here.