Starpery ™

Starpery is one of our latest sex doll partner. Specialized in both hybrid (silicone head + TPE body) and full silicone sex dolls, this manufacturer allows you to choose between the silicone or TPE version of their different available bodies.

You can read more how Starpery models compare to other brands in terms of quality, options & other factors on this page.

This manufacturer’s factory is located in south mainland China.

The head connects to the body the same way as the other manufacturers, and uses M16 thread pitch diameter connectors. This thread screw pitch diameter is also compatible with with our suspension kit, or our other headstands.

Starpery models have the same EVO skeleton as other brands, with shrugging shoulders and stand-up feet. Skeleton supplier is the same as the other main manufacturers. Quick moving eyes are also the same as Piper Doll, Doll 4Ever, Dollhouse 168, or Siliko Doll.

Starpery sex dolls are fully customizable and you can choose to have the head made in either softer silicone, or harder one (note that implanted hair and eyebrows are only available with the hard silicone head version for this brand).

Choose from our wide selection of Starpery models below. If you cannot find a model in particular listed elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us! We are able to provide you with any Starpery sex doll models.

You can sort models by freshness, price or popularity, or use our homepage product finder filters to look for a particular Starpery sex doll (for example, of 150cm with brown eyes). And/or any attribute such as body type, eyes or hair color, skin tone, ethnicity, breasts size, etc…

Showing 1–16 of 109 results

Showing 1–16 of 109 results