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      As discussed previously, silicone sex dolls do not have any particular advantages over their TPE counterparts. The disadvantage TPE would have over silicone is of having a higher viscosity. Nevertheless silicone smoothness can be easily replicated on TPE with baby powder.

      So why do silicone sex dolls tend to look more realistic than TPE dolls? Devil is in details. Often silicone dolls have implanted hair and implanted eyebrows. Implanted eyebrows will always look more realistic than eyebrows that are drawn using makeup.

      For implanted hair, it depends on the hairstyle. Any haircut that do not have bangs or a fringe (exposing the forehead) will look much more realistic if hair are implanted. If the haircut has either a fringe or bangs hiding the forehead, a wig will look exactly the same.

      Certain TPE Doll brands such as WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll, SE Doll are able to propose implanted hair and eyebrows on TPE thanks to a special implementation technique. Note that it has several disadvantages:

      • PRICE: Implanted hair cost more than a wig would
      • PRODUCTION LEAD TIME: Implanted hair take around 3 weeks to produce. This is because hair must be manually added 1 by 1 into the skull.
      • RIGIDITY: In order for the implanted hair not to fall, a stiffer silicone or TPE blend is made for the head, which is much more rigid than usual. As a result oral intercourse becomes difficult
      • COMPATIBILITY: Implanted hair are not compatible with the enhanced mouth option, and the moaning option speaker cannot be located behind the skull where it usually goes. It would have to be placed in the back, between the scapulas which isn’t the best option aesthetically wise.
      • AVAILABILITY: Implanted eyebrows are only allowed if the implanted hair option is also selected. Additionally, only the above TPE brands have these options available. Most silicone sex doll brands do.
      • FLEXIBILITY: Unlike with a wig, you cannot really change the style of the haircut. You can always place a wig cap onto the skull and had a wig onto it though


      So how can you achieve the perfect look that would look just as if your doll had real hair and eyebrows? You will need 2 things: Lace wigs and eyebrow patches.

      1. LACE WIGS

      Lace wigs are the perfect alternative to implanted hair and have several advantages too:

      • PRICE: Although more expensive than regular wigs, lace wigs are still much cheaper than implanted hair
      • PRODUCTION LEAD TIME: No delay unlike with implanted hair
      • RIGIDITY: The head can be made in the same blend as the body, thus keeping its elasticity, and therefore not impacting oral intercourse ability
      • COMPATIBILITY: You can use lace wigs with any brand, along with either the moaning system or the enhanced mouth
      • FLEXIBILITY: Get as many haircut styles as you want and change it easily in no-time for a different wig!








      Example of a WM Doll model with a lace wig (no eyebrow patches)

      You can learn how to install a lace wig onto your doll skull with this tutorial.


      Hair patches are already a better alternative for pubic hair on silicone or TPE sex dolls, which tend to fall off quite easily after a while. For WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll, SE Doll, you can select the pubic hair patch option instead of implanted pubic hair. For other brands, you can always purchase a pubic hair patch separately  in our accessory bundle kits section.

      Same goes for eyebrows. Instead of having drawn eyebrows or implanted eyebrows with above inconveniences, you can opt for eyebrow patches. Just like lace wigs, they have a thin transparent hive layer than blends with the skin once glued onto it.









      You can get eyebrow patches of different shape and color for your TPE or silicone doll on this page.

      You can read more about all of our TPE or silicone sex dolls customization options & upgrades on this guide.

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