Blond Hair Sex Dolls

Browse below our large selection of blonde silicone and TPE sex dolls below. You can select any hair color you would like for any blonde sex doll on our shop.

Our blonde sex dolls have different shades of blonde hair, varying from platinum blonde to golden blonde, honey blonde, ash blonde, baby blonde, strawberry blonde and honey blonde. Our custom wigs also have other shades as well as gradient blonde types, which can be seen here.

or you can click here to customize your own blonde TPE or silicone doll from head to toe!


Can it only be a blonde sex doll? Of course not! Sex dolls wigs are very easy to switch for another style or color in no-time!

Learn how to take care of your silicone or TPE Doll wig(s) with our tutorial here. You can also view all of our TPE Dolls tutorials here.


Don’t limit yourself to only one manufacturer eyes or hair options, we have the largest collection of sex dolls wigs available in our accessory bundle kit section here!

As long as your shopping cart value is at least $100, no additional fees for single accessories will apply. Fine Love Dolls being located nearby its manufacturing partner, we can easily include other accessories with your order or help you do grouping and consolidation on sex dolls accessories (pack together several items, avoiding you having to order them separately from elsewhere, with shipping fees each and every time).

We can also help you source any wig in particular that you would have in mind, and ship it alongside a doll or other accessories!

Looking to purchase detached parts only? If your total order value is under $100, $39.99 shipping fees will apply during checkout.

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Showing 1–16 of 1362 results

Showing 1–16 of 1362 results