Kelsy (WM Doll ®) • 172cm | 5’8″ • 28D • Elf Ears

$ 2,099.00

I want this single head only
I want this single body only
I want this head with another body

Meet Kelsy, gorgeous WM Doll 5’8″ sex doll. This model has elf ears not regular human ones. Her generous 89cm (35in) bust will please all big breast lovers! You can also see all of our 172cm WM Doll models below.

If you wish to see this WM Doll 5ft8 body with a different head on, you can check this page for all of our sex dolls with this body height. Any love doll with “172cm 28D” in her product title has the same body as Kelsy.

For more information about production & delivery lead time, visit this page.

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