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      Photography is an art, and showing these ultra realistic creatures under their best light is a very addictive activity! TPE Dolls are widely used as dummy models for photo shootings worldwide.

      But why would photographers or boudoir and erotic studios use dolls? There are numerous advantages:

      • Much more affordable than real models
      • Very few makeup (eyes and lips) needed
      • Skin complexion is perfect, no oil, no shiny spots
      • No one take the pose better than our articulated dolls!
      • You can easily change the eyes color, wig or clothing
      • TPE reacts to light just like human skin does

      In this tutorial we are going to give you a few tricks and advices on how to properly capture the soul of your doll, and to get the most realistic results for your pictures!


      So where can you share your beautiful photoshoots with your friends? Most doll owners have a social profile for their doll(s) on the main social platform such as Twitter or Instagram.

      You are also welcome to join Dollsbook. Dollsbook is a social network for doll owners by doll owners. Very similar to Facebook, it encompasses features like wall, friendship requests, private messages, forums, live chat, albums, groups & much more!

      WARNING REGARDING NSFW CONTENT (18+): Where Instragram will allow breast pictures, Facebook has a zero tolerance policy regarding nudity. Refrain from posting any erotic picture(s) of your doll on this platform, or your Facebook account will be suspended…

      Twitter and Dollsbook are much more laid back and no particular restrictions are set regarding sex dolls nudity or pornography.


      This guide encompasses what we have learned from previous photo shooting sessions on our models. Best practices, tips & tricks, but also what to avoid.


      The below are the habits you want to avoid to speedup your photo shooting sessions:

      1- NOT WEARING GLOVES: Wearing the fabric gloves included with your doll will prevent you from staining her skin during manipulation.

      As you are changing her position into a different one, the back and forth of your hands onto the camera and elsewhere might not keep your hands fully clean.

      2- NOT REMOVING THE HEAD: Carrying a doll around is much easier with the head screwed the body. Additionally, putting on tops clothing is much easier to put onto your doll without the head on, if the apparel does not have an opening.

      3- NOT REMOVING THE WIG: If you are putting top clothing on your doll and keep the head on, at least remove the wig first. This will prevent tangling.

      More importantly, do not press onto the wig when putting the head onto a different direction. Pressing directly on the wig will make it soak up the TPE oil and will give your doll’s wig a greasy and dirty appearance. It is rather annoying to interrupt a photo shoot, just to wash the wig

      A good practice is to put one palm on the forehand (be careful with the eyebrows and eyelashes), and one palm on the neck if you want to bring the head upward. To bring the head downward, pass a hand underneath the wig (behind the skull) and one on your doll’s throat.

      NOTICE REGARDING DYED CAP WIGS: Wigs that have a dark blue or black cap might stain your doll skull, if left onto her head for an extended period of time. We strongly recommend, if you buy a custom wig with a dark cap, to put a protection cap underneath the hair.

      4- THE DRUNKEN GAZE: Getting the right symmetry for both eyes can be quite tricky. Manipulating the head in a different direction can sometimes slightly change the eyes orientation.

      When taking pictures, always make sure your doll isn’t squinting or looking sideways. This might not be the outcome you were expecting when pressing the button, and you might realizing it too late. Devil is in details, and this one can be a major photobomber…You can read more about how to place your dolls eyes the right way with this tutorial.

      5- THE BALDING SKULL: We get it you tried to get your doll’s hair to be thrown backward or sideways like a sexy amazon. But this is a major mistake and yet another massive photobombing detail you will want to pay attention to: The ear tabs! (These little hair mesh that frame women’s forehead and ears).

      Although you will be tempted to put your doll’s hair behind her ear this will not give the natural look you might expect. The reason is because you need to leave a thinner mesh in front of the ear. If you do not do so the outcome will look like she shaved off the side of her head…

      failed tpe doll wig placementear tabs






      All wigs within the $20-$40 range do not have a lace cap inside. To achieve this result, you will need a more expensive wig with an integrated transparent lace cap, blending seamlessly with the forehand.

      You can nevertheless achieve a similar result either afterwards, with photo editing software, or by patting the wig a specific way.


      If you own a wig with a transparent lace cap that can be cut and glued onto your doll forehead, you can follow the below tutorial.

      It teaches you how to cut transparent lace cap wigs and how to glue them onto your TPE Doll and blend it invisibility using foundation powder.

      This wig type is much more costly with a pretty complicated setup process. These wigs also require a lot of maintenance and care with specific products, especially if made out of real human hair.

      6- OLD MAKEUP RESIDUS: This one could be rather hard to spot at first. If you have changed your doll’s makeup and did not remove it correctly, chances are that some darker areas might be visible on her face on pictures, giving her a dirty look. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to go easy and have a light hand on the makeup you apply to your doll. Less is more.

      To prevent that make sure to inspect your doll’s face carefully under a bright light if you have changed her makeup once already. This is particularly true with darker makeup such as eyeshadows.

      The best practice when removing makeup is to dab the cotton pad onto the area while avoiding to whip it off as much as possible (spreading the makeup onto a larger area). Instead, saturae the area with makeup removal lotion which will then detach off the TPE and onto the cotton pad.

      7- THE BROKEN HANDS: Because dolls fingers are made of metal wires, they are much more articulated than regular human fingers. But the downside is that they can also bend in a very unnatural way (and then look broken).

      Make sure prior to take your picture that all 10 fingers are placed in a naturally looking position, and bend them at the right angles if needed, where the phalanx joints should normally be.


      Below are a non exhaustive list of our recommendations, tips and tricks to ease the photoshooting of your TPE models:

      1- BE CREATIVE: Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow! Try any styles and colors that you want! You can find a lot of accessories such as jewelries, clothing, piercings, tattoo decals, etc…on this page.

      2- MOVE THE EYES: To make a model look more alive, make sure to change her eyes direction! You should for optimal results, try to catch her gaze as often as possible, regardless in which direction your doll is looking.

      3- USE ADDONS: We sell additional add-ons such as resin mouth with teeth and tongues. These are great to make to give your doll a whole different expression!

      As a rule of thumb, small details such as piercings, jewelries or even tattoos or any other personal tweaks will enhance your doll’s realism. Your doll will also look more natural if actually doing something instead of just staring blank (for example, interact with an object).

      4- PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARES: Some image editing softwares will greatly improve the outcome of your photoshoot! This can allow you to fix a colors and light if the lightning was bad during the photo shooting or small defaults you might have not seen at first (stains for example).

      A famous app well appreciated among doll owners is called “FACEU”. This free app is available on both Google Play and App Store, and allow you to very realistically change your doll’s mouth expression (to a smile for example). Results are pretty mind blowing and one could not tell that it is a doll!

      Download FACEU on Apple App Store or Download FACEU on Google Play. Another commonly used application among doll owners is FaceApp which you can download here for IOS devices or here for Android users.

      5- PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT: Although smartphones have higher resolutions nowadays and claim to get results close to professional cameras, this is still very far from the truth. No smartphone lense will be big or powerful enough to provide you with the same quality or level of details a professional camera brings. To some up these are the mandatory items you will need:

      • A professional camera + macro lense (for example CANON)
      • 3D printed background wallpapers + support frame or a decent spot to take pictures
      • An adjustable lightning set with light diffusers (3-4 lamps)

      6- THE EYES TRICK: By default 2 small cotton balls are placed behind your doll’s eyes. You can either add more or less of it which will make the eyes pop out more or less. This will, as a result, open up or close the eyelids, giving your doll a totally different facial expression!

      7- MOVE THE BODY: Photo series where the model has not been put into a different position can be boring sometimes and lower the realism. The more you vary poses, the more alive your doll will look!


      That’s it for this tutorial folks! You should now be ready to take your best photoshoots and amaze your friends! Got a cool tip you would like to share? Let us know down below!

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