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      Silicone or TPE doll makeup is a topic largely covered on YouTube, where you can find numerous existing tutorials from doll owners.

      Thermoplastic Elastomer is a breathable material, much more like pores on the human skin. As a result, this material is very friendly with makeup and cosmetics in general.

      Makeup penetrate the first layer of your sex doll skin and hold for weeks/months without fading away – Depending on how you use your doll. Excessive rubbing of a given area will accelerate the color fading.


      You can apply most type of makeup on your doll. Prefer waterproof makeup which hold better. You can also check our sex doll makeup kit available here.


      Whether you decide to purchase our silicone and TPE doll makeup kit, or buy your own, you will need the following items:

      • Cheekbone Powder
      • Eyebrow Stencils
      • Eyebrow Pen
      • Eyeliner Marker
      • Eyelashes Glue + Applicator
      • Fake Eyelashes
      • Eyelid Shadow Palette
      • Makeup Brushes
      • Makeup Removal Water (Works better than oil which leaves more residues and is not as efficient on TPE or silicone)
      • Makeup Cotton pads (Available in most convenient stores)
      • Nails Set + Glue (Do not use this glue on your doll eyelashes!)
      • Ear Cotton Swabs (for small retouches & finishings)


      Checkout below guide on each mandatory and optional items to keep your doll’s makeup fresh!

      You will not need to redo her makeup often, as makeup holds well on TPE or silicone (much better than on human skin which produces sebum) and will not fade away before several months and unless you touch it.


      Cheekbone powder blush is usually applicable on the cheek to sharpen them.

      Using the big brush in your makeup kit, get some powder and tap off the excess.

      You can then swirl it gently on both cheeks. Avoid putting too much of powder onto the cheekbones, which would give her an unnatural look.

      Remember that silicone or TPE skin is already a perfect complexion without any red spots or imperfections, which is why you will not need foundation powder.



      Eyebrow stencils are small pieces of soft plastic used to shape your doll’s eyebrows alongside with the eyebrow pen.

      Eyebrows on silicone or TPE sex dolls are made with makeup. You can easily change them for a different facial expression, using makeup removal water + a cotton swab to remove the former eyebrows.

      Once dry, using the eyebrow stencil shape of your choice and our eyebrow pen, simply draw the new eyebrow onto your doll’s face.

      We are covering this step in our makeup tutorial below.


      Our makeup kit includes all 3 shapes listed above. Once you are done drawing the first eyebrow, reverse the stencil side so that you can draw the 2nd eyebrow.

      Make sure to clean the eyebrow stencil using the makeup removal water from your makeup kit and a cotton pad. Otherwise it might accidently teint unwanted area(s).

      1.3. EYEBROW PEN

      Eyebrow pen are used to draw the eyebrows.

      Our eyebrow pen has 2 sided slant-tipped ends to help you create naturally groomed eyebrows.

      You can choose between several colors. This pencil is not to used to color eyelids or eyes contour.

      You can also simply use a dark eyeshadow powder instead, which will work just the same here.





      An eyeliner pen is used to define and accentuate the eyes contour. It is an opaque liquid enabling you to create a clean and precise line.

      Eyeliner is applicable on upper and/or lower lash-lines.

      Be careful when doing so has you can easily bleed out! This makeup is slightly harder to clean too.

      Included in our makeup kit and available in black.



      This is an essential items for your silicone or TPE doll, as eyelashes tend to start detaching off quite easily, especially if you change your doll eyes color often.

      Included in our makeup kit with an applicator, as well as a 20 fake eyelashes set, you can easily apply a bit of glue with the brush directly onto an eyelash that would start to fall off.

      To replace an eyelash completely use the side applicator to help you place and maintain the new eyelash onto the eyelash while the glue dries.

      IMPORTANT: If you purchased our repair kit, do not use TPE glue on your doll eyelids to replace the eyelashes.

      As a result this would damage her eyelids and her eyes.


      Our sex doll makeup kit includes a set of 20 eyelashes so you will have some backup if you ever were to lose one!

      Using our eyelash glue described above, you can easily replace your doll’s upper or lower eyelashes in no-time!

      Mascara (to extend eyelashes length) is not needed with fake eyelashes.




      Eyelid shadow is usually solely applicable onto the eyelid area of your doll and comes in many different colors available per pallet.

      Included in our makeup kit, you can choose between 8 different sets of colors.

      It is a good practice to choose the same color as your doll’s eyes to accentuate her look..

      Eyelid shadow is also perfect to add color to your doll areolas and labias if the color starts to fade away. It is also fine to use on your dolls lips if you do not have lipstick.



      finelovedolls makeup kit lipstick

      Lipstick is used to make your silicone or TPE doll lips darker, redder, or shinier.

      Most lipstick are a waxy, slightly creamy substance but it is perfectly fine to use any powder base makeup instead here as it will penetrate the material just the same. Refrain from using too much lipstick for a more natural result.

      You can use any color that you would like for your doll’s lips.

      For doll owners who like to often kiss their doll, this step will probably be needed often as makeup will fade away quicker on this particular area.



      1.9.1. MAKEUP BRUSHES

      Your are also going to need different types of brushes for each areas. Our makeup kit includes 7 sizes of brushes for different applications:

      BRUSHES DESCRIPTION (From left to right)

      • Brush #1: Used on the cheeks with the cheekbone powder
      • Brush #2: Used on the jaw and cheeks with cheekbone powder
      • Brush #3: Used on the eyelids with the eye shadow powder
      • Brush #4: Used to draw the eyebrows
      • Brush #5: Used to apply lipstick onto the lips
      • Brush #6: Used for the contour of the eyes, to clean eyeliner bleeds


      As you can see, each brush has its particular use. Once you are done using a particular color, it is a good practice to clean your brush using a piece of tissue + makeup remover water, in order to avoid the excess on your next use.


      Makeup is designed to hold well and you cannot wash it off simply with water or even soap. You are going to need a special product in order to efficiently remove makeup without leaving any marks or stains on your love doll.

      Makeup removal water is better to clean makeup off over makeup removal oil, which leaves residues an is not efficient on TPE and silicone.

      A 150ml (5.1 oz) bottle is included with our makeup kit. You are going to also need makeup cotton pads (not included). These can be found for a cheap price in most convenient stores.

      Avoid using tissues or toilet papers which will tear into small pieces.



      1.11. NAILS SET + GLUE

      Our makeup kit also includes extra nails set for your doll + glue. Be careful not to mistake the eyelash glue with the nail glue. DO NOT use the nail glue on your doll eyelashes. As a result, you would melt her eyelids.

      To remove your sex doll former nails simply pull them off gently one by one. Use your fingertip to rub the skin off the nail.

      The eyelash glue has “EYE GLUE” written on it. The nail glue is a thin transparent tube with a white cap.


      Difficulty: Medium – Estimated Time Needed: 45min-1hr

      The below tutorial is here to teach you how to quickly and effortlessly remove the most resistant makeup from your doll’s skin. Checkout our step by step guide below on how to give your doll a brand new style!

      TPE Doll makeup cotton cleaning padRestrain from excessively rubbing your doll’s skin. Although TPE and silicone both are resistant materials, they will unfortunately not heal by themselves like human skin would!

      Makeup removal water gives way better results than makeup removal oil. The higher the price here the better the faster the result.

      You do not really need to buy top quality brands for the other makeup items listed above, but we recommend you choose a good makeup removal lotion from a well-known brand for faster results.

      Avoid using toilet paper or other tissues and prefer makeup cotton pad. These will catch most of the makeup residus, and will not leave as many residue pieces all over your doll skin.

      For areas that are more sensitive or harder to reach such as the eyes, you can use a cotton swab.


      Preparing your TPE Doll to remove makeup

      First thing first, make sure your doll head is easily accessible as this operation requires at least an hour to perform.

      Take advantage of being able to remove the head for greater ease of access! Something human makeup artists don’t have the opportunity to do.

      You can either design your own headstand (using for example Ikea’s desktop mirror “TRENSUM“, and unscrewing the mirror part. Keep the head to body connector screwed into the head).

      We also have several headstand options available on this page. Such as tripods, articulated headstands & more storage options available.


      Remove your doll wigs and eyes. We are going to keep the eyelashes on the silicone or TPE doll model for this tutorial.

      To remove your doll eyes you can use an ear curette or any similar curved ustensile.

      Simply pull your doll’s cheek down to expose the eye cavity and insert the ear curette into it.

      You want to reach behind the eye and roll it downside up for a better grab. (TPE Dolls eyeballs are half spheric & hollow).

      You can then gently pull the eyeball off with your index and thumb.


      Remove the cotton from your doll’s eye cavity and repeat the same operation on the second eye.

      Removing the eyes will prevent makeup from bleeding onto the eyeball, which could then be complicated to clean, with the eyelashes in the way.

      It will also allow you to have a better grab from underneath the eyelid with your finger when removing the makeup.

      This is because several applications are required to remove the color completely.


      Once you are done removing both eyes, you can go onto next step.


      Apply a fair amount of makeup removal lotion onto a cotton pad, or similar material designed for that purpose.

      You are going to need a fair amount of cotton pads to remove the whole makeup completely.

      Keep in mind to change the cotton pad once it is saturated with makeup.

      Makeup removal unfixes makeup molecules from the TPE or the silicone, and the cotton pad catches them.

      A saturated pad will spread the makeup onto the face instead of removing it, so change it as often as needed.


      Proceed by gently rubbing the pad onto your doll skin and gathering the makeup residues to the same spot. You can then pick it off more easily from your sex doll skin.

      Silicone or TPE sex dolls do not have foundation powder on their skin, like most women apply.

      This is because there is no reddish or shinny areas to hide, and that the complexion is already fully uniform.

      You can therefore focus on the eyes and the lips only, this will reduce the amount of baby powder needed once you are done.

      The black eyeliner around the eyes is the basis of most makeup styles.

      We will therefore not remove it in this tutorial, same as the eyelashes, and neither should so you can save time. You can this way directly focus on the eyes contour and lips.


      Once you are done removing the makeup from your doll face, the skin will be sticky, especially TPE. Time to apply powder to bring its smoothness back!

      Using a puff, a clean cotton pad, or simply your hands (make sure to wash them first), pour some baby powder into your palm.

      We use baby powder in this tutorial but you can use alternative natural methods instead. We have listed most of baby powder natural alternatives for silicone & TPE dolls on this page.

      Apply a fair amount of powder onto your sex doll’s face. You can tap off the excess with a piece of tissue or a clean cotton pad.


      That’s it! Your doll is now in her most natural state and is ready for a fresh new makeup style!

      You can choose to place the eyes back now, or wait until your makeup session is done.

      This way you will avoid having makeup bleeding onto your doll’s eyeballs, especially if you want to apply eyeliner on the eyelids.

      This is all for this tutorial folks, make sure to follow the below link for our next one on how to apply makeup to silicone and TPE dolls.

      Never hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question or require further assistance! We are always happy to help.

      In addition we recommend that you also take a look at DollForum, which hosts several makeup tutorials, tips & advices regarding sex dolls and makeup.

      As written above, makeup tutorials is a topic largely covered on YouTube, where you can find a lot of helpful videos from makeup artists worldwide.


      The below tutorial will teach you basic makeup techniques to give your sex doll a fresh makeup style in no-time!

      We will use the makeup style from the left picture as inspiration for this tutorial.

      You can use any color instead for the eyelid as your prefer!



      You can refer to the above check-up list of items that you will need for this makeup tutorial.

      We are going to use our tripod headstand in this sex dolls makeup guide for greater convenience.

      If you do not have a headstand, find a convenient angle and make sure your doll’s head is stable and won’t move around during this minitious process.

      You can see above on point #2 how to make your own DIY headstand. You can also get our tripod headstand for free with our doll here.

      We will wait until the end of the tutorial to place the doll eyes. We will not be covering silicone and TPE sex doll eyelashes in this tutorial.

      If you also need to replace your doll’s eyelashes, do so at the very last, once you are finished with the makeup and once you have placed your sex doll’s eyes. Please see this thread on how to replace your doll eyelashes.


      You are going to need an eyeliner for this step.

      As per the left picture, using the eyeliner draw a thin line around your doll eyes.

      This step requires to be very minutious. If you cannot control your hand/arm shaking, make sure to place it against something which will greatly help stabilizing it.

      Another good tip is to slowly breathe in and out, this will enhance your focus and prevent the shaking as well.

      The below picture shows you different styles that you can draw:


      eyeliner application examples

      If  you wish to deepen your doll’s gaze, use more eyeliner.

      If you want to lighten your doll’s gaze, use less eyeliner.

      For more tips and advices on how to apply eyeliner on your doll eyes contour, you can also see this great eyeliner guide from Cosmopolitan here.





      Eyebrows can be quite complicated to do so if you can avoid cleaning them off, you can ignore this step.

      Here we are going to need 2 items: Eyebrow stencils and an eyebrow pen.

      Our eyebrow stencils allow you to choose between 3 different styles:

      European eyebrow, natural eyebrow, or flat eyebrow style.


      The left picture shows you additional sex doll eyebrow styles that you can do:

      Arched Eyebrows

      •   Steep Arch Eyebrows
      •   S-shaped eyebrows
      •   Rounded eyebrows
      •   Straight eyebrows

      Note how the eyebrows are made when your receive your silicone or TPE Doll.

      The start of the eyebrow (near the nose) has hair detailed, while the outside is more a of a smooth line.

      You can also see the video below for additional help on how to draw eyebrows:


      The above video will teach you how to perfectly draw and shape your sex doll eyebrow. Video not displaying? See each step below:


      If you do not have a stencil available, take your pen in hand. To find the start of your eyebrow, place the brush on the edge of your nose, straight up your eyebrow.

      To find the end of your eyebrow, place the brush again on the outer edge of your nose, and this time angle it upwards lining with the outer part of your pupil.

      You can then link both parts by carving an arch right above the eye socket.



      Use the pen to shape your doll eyebrow sticker in the front and thinner as you go on.

      The trick here to achieve realistic eyebrows is to gently draw a few very thin lines using the thin part of the eyebrow pencil.

      This will give a bushy effect and make it look like the eyebrows are actually made of real hair. Simply focus on the start of the eyebrow and fill the stencil with color for the rest of the shaping.

      If you do not have an eyebrow pen available, simply use a brush with dark eyeshadow powder.

      Remember that silicone and TPE holds makeup much better than human skin does, so it doesn’t really matter which exact.powder makeup is being

      used here as long as the color is right and that it is a powdery one.

      Do not forget that makeup takes much longer to remove than to apply. For the heavy hands out there be as gentle as possible.

      Better go over the same spot twice to add color to it than having to remove the whole thing and to start over again.

      This step is probably the hardest one. If you feel the frustration kicking in, just put your pen down and do not insist. There is no hurry and you can finish it whenever pressure goes back down.

      Patience is key for an optimal result, and if an 8 years old can do a makeup tutorial on youtube about it, you can do it too. Do not lose confidence!


      Here we are going to use 2 different kind of brushes from our makeup kit: Brush #4 & brush #5. If you do not have our makeup kit, any small brush will do the trick.

      We are also going to need eyeshadow powder. This is the rectangle black palette that is included in our makeup kit.

      In this tutorial, we are teaching you a complex example right away, with 3 different color points, in order to achieve a gradient look.

      You do not have to go for a gradient style eyelid color, and can stick with one uniform color instead.

      Once you have chosen the color for your TPE or silicone doll eyelid, using the brush and shadow powder, fill in the eyeball socket with small movements. Make sure to dust your brush off makeup excess first.

      If you are using the same brush as for the eyebrows, make sure to clean it thoroughly first.


      STEP 1 – If you wish to achieve a gradient look, first fill in the eyelid with the color of your choice as per our left picture example.

      You can also draw a very thin line underneath the eye to enhance the gaze and color, however avoid putting too much makeup.

      STEP 2 – Second, use darker color on the edges of the eyelids.

      STEP 3 – Using a lighter color to lightly tint the middle of the upper eyelid.

      We used a glitter eyeshadow powder in our example to achieve a glossy result.




      This is a quick and easy step that will be faster than the above ones.

      We are using the same eyeshadow powder in our example for the lips as for the eyelid, in order to keep a uniform color between both.

      You can use the lipstick provided in our makeup kit and directly apply it onto your doll’s lips (make sure to follow the lips line).

      You can also use any makeup powder instead as it will hold the same on TPE or silicone.

      This step should be quick and easy to achieve if the lipstick accidently bleeds off of your doll lip, you can use a cotton swab with makeup removal water to redraw the lip line correctly.



      Here is the final outcome and the next doll that will be used for photoshooting!

      This is all for this tutorial folks, if you have any additional question regarding silicone and TPE sex doll makeup, always feel free to reply to this thread or to contact us directly by email or you can also use our chat system.

      Makeup is a lot about creativity so never hesitate to try something new!

      If you feel something isn’t going the way it should do not panic, stop what you are doing and use makeup removal water to start over again.

      Our makeup kit includes all necessary items and is available here.



      Smiling TPE Dolls with apparent teeth to not have makeup applied to them by default at reception of your doll. If you wish to enhance your doll realism you can use acrylic paint for your doll smile.

      Please see this thread for more information on how to whiten your TPE Doll teeth.



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