Shengyi (WM Doll ®) • 140cm | 4’7″ • 26D

$ 1,590.00

I want this single head only
I want this single body only
I want this head with another body

Like cute Chinese TPE doll models? checkout our new skinny WM Doll 4ft7 (140cm) asian model, Shengyi.

You can also see this WM Doll 5ft7 body with a different face on this page. Any model with “140cm 26D” in its name title has the same body as Shengyi. This Chinese TPE doll has red hair on the pictures, as well as brown eyes, but you can select any customization option down below instead!

If you want to see all of our Chinese TPE dolls, you can visit this page. You can also see a few of our previous orders pictures!

Make sure to check for this WM Doll 4ft7 dimensions tabs below as well! This data is required for you to find the perfect outfit that fits your love doll! Make sure to checkout our clothing size charts as well.

If you are not sure which options to select, you can also get this skinny sex doll exactly as she is, by simply selecting the option “Same as pictures”, for each customization option down below.

You can also select any additional accessories, by creating your own custom bundle kit here.