How long do TPE Dolls last for?

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      TPE Dolls lifespan is not something to worry much about. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a very strong and resistant polymer blend with amazing properties. Learn all you need to know about our TPE Dolls durability below.

      You will not only fall in love with your doll, but also with the material she is made of!


      TPE resins are part of the “soft touch” family. This material has properties that are similar to rubber, but where processing and ease of use are far more convenient than rubber.

      In other words, TPE is a blend of soft plastics. It is water resistant, has heat retaining properties, extensible, and very easy to repair or to clean, adding to our TPE Dolls durability

      Some popular examples of uses for TPE resins range greatly across all spectrums, and are very versatile, such as used in simple gaskets, diving fins, bicycle grips, tool handles, children toys or even Apple’s iWatches!

      In the unfortunate event a wound or a stain would appear onto your doll’s skin, you can fix this in no-time!


      TPE Dolls can last for years. Most of the pioneer doll owners have had theirs dating back to since TPE dolls have been around (6-7 years).

      With regular care you can expect your TPE doll to last for years. For more information about TPE Dolls care & maintenance, you can visit this forum.

      You can also download our TPE Dolls user guide PDF available here.


      Just like for silicone, plastic, or any other material, you have different qualities of raw material, different qualities of blends, different qualities of realism, of finishings, and of skeletons.

      Fine Love Dolls follows a strict supplier selection process and only works with the industry’s top quality manufacturers.

      We make our TPE blends from premium imported raw material from Japan. Each of our orders follow a meticulous quality control inspection and stress test prior to shipping.

      Shy away from cheap manufacturers and resellers, mostly operating on B2B platforms.

      Keep it mind that this industry lacks of an authority and of proper regulations. As a result, it is very easy to fall for scams because of dishonest resellers. Please see this link for more information.


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      Thanks for the info in this post. My first doll arrived today and I am looking forward to a long and enjoyable weekend of getting to know all the intricacies about her. The information you’ve explained will help that time together to go much better.
      One question – how do I insert the removable vagina? I tried and only got it about halfway in. Should I apply a bit of lubricant to the outside of the removable vagina before inserting it?
      Another question – I know the color on the lips and nipples will wear off after use, what should I use to replenish this color?
      Thanks for a remarkable doll.

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      Hi there NakedSanta, thank you for your kind words and message and sorry for our late reply

      Regarding your 1st question: You can use any type of lubricant (water or oil based) to ease the insertion of the sleeve into the doll’s cavity

      Regarding your 2nd question: Lipstick will fade away quite quickly depending on the use you make of the mouth/oral cavity. Any lipstick or other powdery makeup will do, you can choose any type of makeup for TPE Dolls.

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