Scam & Buyer Protection

Last updated on February 3rd, 2018 at 01:08 pm

Buying a love doll online worth thousands of dollars can be a bit scary, and a lot of website (such as Ali-express, Amazon, Alibaba, etc…) will show you really beautiful dolls for almost the same price as an inflatable one!

You have to keep in mind that a real doll, is hours and hours of work and are for most of them made on demand. A cheap doll,  is a most likely a scam! The most common scam that we are seeing is real head + fake body replicas.

A lot of scam artists pretend to be selling dolls that are the same as on pictures, which is technically true for the head (more difficult to replicate) but not for the body. This will result in non-compliant material, (that could potentially be harmful for your health) bad smell, harsh touch feeling and bad quality that will break in no-time! Long story short, these scammers buy the heads from WM Doll or JY Doll and the body from a copycat factory.

We only keep a fair and decent margin. We strive to provide the most competitive prices on the market, so you can be 100% sure that any competitor that has several hundred dollars differences will not provide you with the real product you ordered…

Q: “But they have the same pictures as you”

A: “It is not difficult to use someone else’s pictures…”

Q: “But they do provide all the accessories that you also propose included for free with each doll”

A: “This is not hard or expensive to gather…”

If you have any additional remark or doubt feel free to contact us to double check on your behalf…this is a small industry and we all know each other!

We also have a unique website for love dolls, we will not create a lot of websites to create false shop competition within the same price range.

Fine Love Dolls is an authorized reseller located in Shanghai, with shipment availability worldwide. We visit our suppliers on a regular basis to keep our products/prices/options up to date. It’s also useful to be close to our suppliers for customer service. Speaking chinese helps a lot to avoid any misunderstanding!

For your protection, we have chosen Paypal as well as Stripe for their Buyer Protection Program , so you can benefit from an optimal security! We can offer a wide range of payments solutions, available on this page.

If you still have any question, feel free to contact us!



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