TPE Dolls teeth whitening

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      Your sex doll has apparent teeth? Need to whiten TPE Dolls teeth up a bit? If the mouth cavity is to be used often, white makeup there will not hold long due to friction. For optimal TPE Doll teeth whitening, you need our acrylic paint.

      What you will need for this specific part is non-toxic acrylic paint. We recommend “MARIE’S ACRYLIC PAINT – TITANIUM WHITE – 75 ML (2.54 OZ)” Available on our shop here.

      tpe doll teeth whitening


      Please note that the brush recommended for optimal results, should ideally be a Hog/bristle kind, just like the below picture. Hair on these are smaller and stiffer, and will allow a greater precision and optimal TPE Doll teeth whitening results.

      tpe doll teeth whitening brush



      The below TPE Doll teeth whitening tutorial will teach you how to give your love doll a radiant smile, just like the Hollywood stars!

      Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes • Difficulty: Medium 

      whiten tpe dolls teeth STEP 1: Pour some paint onto a cardboard or palette, and apply a fair amount to the small paint brush provided.

      Keep a wet tissue freshener at your disposal nearby to whip off the bleedings or paint excess.

      For more convenience, put first of all your doll’s head on a head stand.

      You can use the stand part of an IKEA mirror, like on the left picture, which works great.

      Leave the connector screw into the head and simply unscrew and remove the mirror part.




      tpe doll teeth whitening STEP 2: Using tap motions apply acrylic paint onto each teeth, and make sure to avoid the gap in between each of them (otherwise her smile will not look natural)

      Repeat operation until the teeth are fully white.

      Use the tissue to whip off the excess or bleedings.


      sex doll teeth whiteningSTEP 3: Done! Let the paint dry for a few hours.

      Once the paint has dried you can also add a bit of Keratin nail protector. This is a strengthener liquid that you can find in most shopping areas.

      Available usually in the makeup and/or cosmetics section, this liquid will prevent the paint to crackle.

      Your TPE Doll now has a beautiful a radiant smile, the devil is in details, and this simple trick will enhance her look and realism to a whole new level!

      That’s it we are done! This is how you whiten TPE Dolls teeth.


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      Very good Adminlovedoll! I was about to tackle that next in a post on how to. But have not yet had time.
      I actually have a head that has teeth, and they are not white at all.
      I shall make an effort to post a how to soon!

      That looks like a factory prep table, so I gather that this is what some manufacturers use to do it from the start?


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      Hi there ABCcupFan, indeed! This is what WM Doll uses. Canvas oil paint is what holds the best. Just make sure to choose one used for school art class for example, which are usually chemical free (either way avoid swallowing the product)

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