Freya (AS Dolls ®) • 166cm • 30E • TPE Doll

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The gorgeous Freya is just the love doll you need! This beautiful blonde TPE doll is from AS Doll (which is the same factory that produces the WM Doll models). This charming lady has a 166cm muscular body and has all the attributes you need to fall in love! Her delicate TPE skin, her firm belly and sexy abs will make you want to spend more than just a night with her!

Want the exact same doll as the picture? Simply thick the option checkbox at checkout! Your doll is also fully made with a multiplex metal skeleton to guarantee all sort of poses just like a real human!

Our dolls faces are all hand-made and are sculpted by experienced professional, striving to achieve a lifelike results. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before.

Fast and discreet delivery to your doorstep.

Not sure what skin tone to select? Just select the “SAME AS PICTURES” option below!

Wigs are not fixed to the skull of your doll and can be changed easily! Want a extra wigs with your doll? Visit our accessories bundle kits page and select additional wigs from any manufacturer.

Eyes are compatible across all brands, are removable and easy to change for another shade. We have dozens of colors available! Simply visit our accessories bundle kits page and select additional eyes from any manufacturer!

TPE Dolls only have makeup on eyes and lips. Eyeshadow will not fadeaway by itself unless you remove it with makeup remover.

If you are using your doll for oral intercourse, lips makeup will fadeaway. You will need lipstick to add more color to your doll’s lips on an occasional basis.

Want a custom areola size instead? Leave us a note with your order on the checkout page!

Areolas color are not permanent (makeup). You will have to occasionally add a bit of makeup foundation as it will fade away with time.

Dolls nails are fixed with regular nail glue, and can be changed easily if needed

Pubic hair tend to fall easily during cleaning, ideally protect this part and avoid rubbing this area. Please check our forums for more information

This field is optional, please disregard it if you have not selected a pubic hair option above

Labias color are not permanent (makeup). As with the areolas, you will occasionally have to add a bit of makeup foundation as it will fade away with time. Makeup holds way longer on TPE, and penetrates the first layer of your doll skin. If you would like us to use a permanent color instead, please let us know at checkout

Both vagina types are aesthetically look-a-like, removable vaginas are easier to clean but the cavity is larger and not sculpted (in order to be able to insert the sleeve), unlike built-in vaginas. If you want to use the Penis insert addon with your doll, select the removable option

The stand-up feet option enables your doll to stand up by herself thanks to 3 metal screws in each of her feet. The regular feet option does not have screws underneath the feet.

The enhanced or EVO skeleton has an hinged neck and shrugging shoulders. The standard skeleton has a goose neck and fixed shoulders, and a slightly more limited movement range than the enhanced skeleton.

Please select the extra free pair of eyes that you would like to receive with your doll, on top of your eye selection from above.

Please select the extra free wig that you would like to receive with your doll, on top of your hair selection from above.

Hollow breasts are softer and solid breasts more firm. Please note that models with breasts too small cannot be made hollow (not enough space). Conversely, boobs that are too big cannot be made solid as the weight would fragilize the breasts, which could potentially burst open over the long run.

The tactile moaning function has an ON/OFF button and a speaker located behind the head as well as captors into the doll’s body. It allows your doll to moan with pleasure when you touch or penetrate her.

The body heating feature is a pluggable system that will allow your doll’s body to fully warm up until it reaches human body temperature (safety power switch included).

WM Doll, YL Doll, OR Doll: Please note that this function is not compatible with the enhanced skeleton. Additionally breasts of C cup and below can only be made solid with the body heating system. For other brands you can select both options together.

JY Doll: Please note that this function is not compatible either with JY Doll’s #2 Jelly TPE blend type. It is compatible with both #1 Normal and #3 Platinum TPE types.

65E (EUR)
30E OR 30DD (USA)
166 CM
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34 KG
74.95 LBS
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88.18 LBS


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Our TPE dolls are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material. TPE is a silicone derivative, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length, has a more attractive price than silicone and mimics the experience of human skin with both a soft and stretchy effect.

TPE is waterproof, hypoallergenic and phthalate free. The skin has pure natural luster and smooth feelings by touch.

Our dolls faces are all hand-made and are sculpted by experienced professional, striving to achieve a lifelike results. These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before.

Body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to guarantee any sorts of poses.

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Additional information

Weight38 kg
Dimensions160 × 35 × 30 cm


All dolls options are free on Fine Love Dolls, included upgraded skeletons. All of our TPE Dolls have the upgraded or EVO skeleton by default, but you can select the standard one at checkout instead if you prefer.


Each TPE Doll manufacturer uses its own proprietary skeleton.

Hands and fingers are all individually articulated as well. Feet and toes are also articulated, and can move up and down.

To learn more about skeletons & connectors for each TPE Doll brand, please visit our TPE Dolls skeletons & connectors guide available here.


Our TPE Dolls are well protected and packed in a heavy duty 1 inch thick cardboard box. The box is highly resistant and most people could actually sit on it.

The inside of the box is padded with thick polystyrene with synthetic feather fabrics to prevent scratches onto your doll skin.

The body is wrapped into a plastic emballage. Your doll hands and feet are carefully wrapped with protective polystyrene. Your sex doll head is wrapped into a protective bag too.


 USB Vaginal Warming Rod 1
 Piece of Clothing 1
 Condom 1
 Sheet Blanket 1
 Douche Peer Vaginal Cleanser 1
 Pair of Latex Gloves 1

*The above listed items are included with all brands except 6YE Doll.


If you did not purchase the premium USB heating rod at checkout, please be careful with the regular one which has no heating power switch, unlike our premium rod (which turns off automatically above 40ºC).

Do not leave the regular heating rod inside your doll for too long or you might melt the TPE if the temperature is too high. Do not leave the heating rod inserted into your doll and powered on without supervision. Please note that Fine Love Dolls will not be held responsible in case of damages due to incorrect use.

Want more items? Checkout our TPE Doll accessories section here. You can also create your own custom accessory bundle kit here.


The moaning system is located either behind the head (WM, YL, OR Doll, 6YE & Irontech)  or on top of the skull (JY & AS Doll).

The system comes with a charging power cord. Speakers can be turned ON & OFF. JY & AS Doll speaker volume can be adjusted.

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 generations of moaning systems:

1st Generation of moaning systems: The old system had wires connecting to air pressure based sensors located at different spots underneath the TPE to a speaker into the back of the doll. This generation had a high failure rate, because wires had to be installed before the moulding process, and would sometimes melt due to the high molten TPE temperature, resulting in sensors not working as expected. This system has now been discontinued

2nd Generation of moaning systems: The current system is wireless and not pressure based anymore, but motion based. Speakers are now located behind the head of the doll and not connected to the sensors underneath the skin anymore. The latest generation is now slightly less sensitive than the old one but more sustainable in the long run.


Our bodies heating system allows you to raise your doll's whole body temperature to the same one has the human body, for increased realism. If you prefer to only warm up cavities before use, we recommend our premium USB Warming Rod instead.


Make sure when in use, to keep legs and arms straight (not bent). Do not heat up your doll while she is sitting down for example, which could damage the heating system over time.

WM DOLL YL DOLL & OR DOLL: The body heating system is NOT compatible with the enhanced skeleton. Additionally models of C cup and below can only have solid breasts with the body heating function. These restrictions only apply to these 3 brands.

The body heating system is not compatible either with the following bodies, which have a waist too thin to fit the device:

  1. YL Doll 148cm 28C
  2. WM Doll 155cm 26AA
  3. WM Doll 155cm 24I
  4. WM Doll 171cm 34G

JY DOLL: Please note that the body heating system is NOT compatible with JY Doll's #2 Jelly TPE type. This is because this blend is too soft and could be damaged by the heating device.

The TPE Doll body heating system comes with a power charging cord and the adapter, based on your country voltage system.

The heating system has a safety thermostat power switch once the selected temperature has been reached.

Certain brands such WM, YL & OR Doll allow you to change the temperature on the thermostat device.

Brands like Irontech Doll, JY Doll or AS Doll do not have a temperature selector.

HOW TO USE: Simply plug the power plug into the sock located on your doll, and choose the desired temperature. Wait for around 30 minutes, until your doll reaches temperature. For faster heating, wrap your doll into the sheet provided with her.


Your doll will still be water resistant with the heating device, make sure however to plug back the heating socket first. You can read our tutorial on how to shower with your doll for more information.

The moaning feature is fine too as long as your isolate the neck joint (with a plastic bag between the body and the head for example) and have your doll wear a waterproof swim cap.

For the sake of both functions lifespan, humidity is usually not the best way to maintain electronics in top shape. If you select any of these 2 options, we recommend you limit as much as possible the time underwater. Ideally prefer a bucket of soapy water and a sponge.