Sex Doll Clothing

TPE Doll clothing are available in our custom accessories bundle kit section. Please follow this link to see all of our outfits, costumes and other sexy TPE Doll clothing!

You can also find all the information you need about how to dress/undress your doll, as well as the recommend fabric you should use here.

Make sure to also check our clothing guide regarding clothing fabrics and which ones we recommend. Some fabric types may stain your TPE Doll.

Learn in details the type of clothing which will best suit your TPE Doll on this page.

For more information on how to clean TPE Doll stains, checkout this forum topic here.

Each TPE Doll product page has its dedicated TPE Doll dimensions size chart. First of all, go on the product page of the model of which you would like to know the body dimensions.

Second scroll down to the bottom of the product page.

Just above the footer, you will see tabs. Simply click on the one called “DOLL DIMENSIONS”.

Once you finally have the dimensions of your love doll, head over to our sex doll size charts page here.

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