How do I clean stains on my doll?

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      Everyone has already experienced this situation where wet clothing color transfers onto a white shirt underneath…after a rain shower for example.

      We know this feeling…you just bought a brand new outfit for your lady and bad surprise…You remove the clothing to find out her skin has stains on pressure point areas.

      Not to worry. Thermoplastic Elastomer is a very easy to clean material, and you can get rid of literally any type of stains.


      Darker skin tones are harder to stain which is quite convenient. But if you aren’t looking for an ebony sex doll, there are a few tips you can follow to reduce the odds of finding your love doll all teinted up!

      • Always have your doll wearing socks so that her feet do not pick up all the dirt and dust from the floor.
      • Always put something underneath your doll when having her sitting or lying down. This will prevent oil stains on sofas or dirt stains on your doll skin (even a home chair or sofa can turn out to be dirtier than you expected, or could transfer its color onto your doll)
      • Wash clothing at least 2 or 3 times (ideally at hot temperature)
      • Mix white vinegar in a bucket of water to stop dye transfer from clothing. You can find more similar tips here.
      • Carefully select recommended clothing types. Have your TPE Doll wear protection clothing underneath to prevent color transfer, such as pantyhoses and bodysuits.


      For stain(s) made by grease, marker, or dirt:

      What has stained your doll? Is it grease from engine? Is it ink from denim or bad quality fabric? While some stains are very easy to clean,  others such as fabrics’ ink are a bit more complex to wash off.

      If the mark is small, then it may fade away with soap and water. It is however not recommended to rub your doll skin. You should dab the area instead.

      If the stain is not due to clothing, you can try to use mineral spirit on a towel, and gently rub the skin of your doll, this should do the trick.

      If the stain remains and is due to clothing then the solution is to order the stain remover paste from the accessories section of the website. This secrete recipe will help you get rid of absolutely any clothing stains.

      We recommend that you choose our repair kit instead “The Doll Surgeon” available here at a more affordable price.

      For stain(s) made by clothing (clothes or wigs):

      Sometimes some poorly-made clothes rub off on your doll and, most often, this happens with black-dyed clothing. If this is the case, do not panic and do not try to scrub the area. As a result, this could potentially make small tears and worsen the problem. You also risk to damage the outer layer of the TPE.

      We propose a special formulated paste to assist in the removing stains from TPE Material, especially tenaces stains caused by denim or other bad quality fabrics available here.

      We recommend that you choose our repair kit instead “The Doll Surgeon” available here at a more affordable price.


      Step 1: Apply a liberal amount of stain remover cream onto the stain on the TPE. Gently massage the area to let the cream penetrate the TPE.

      Step 2: Let it sit and imbibe the stain for about 24 hours.

      Step 3: Wipe away the excess of cream with a damp cloth.

      Step 4: If the stain remains, repeat the application until the stain is completely gone. (Depending on the ink, removing the stain completely might require 2-3 applications).


      Repair kits must be shipped separately from doll orders. This is because the product composition of both creams and glues do not allow carriers to pack it together with dolls.







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