6YE Doll ®

6YE Doll is one of our latest ultra realistic TPE brand. Click here to customize your own 6YE Doll with any head or body from 6YE brand.

6YE Dolls are the same models as “6YE Premium”, or “6YE Global”. These are simply brands that other distributors create for the exact same dolls coming from the exact same factory. There is no such thing as different level of details/quality or blend.


Although the thread pitch diameter is the same across all brands, please note that all 6YE Doll models have a different head connecting system than our other brands (ball lock magnet system). For more information, click here.

6YE Doll uses a different approach to TPE Doll skeletons. First the material is hollow aluminum (against stainless steel for the other brands). 

The doll is as a result, easier to carry and handle. More suitable for people with back problems for example.

The joint articulations are a ball wrist clipping system, which prevents joints from sometimes being too tight at reception of your doll, or too loose over extended periods of times.

The head connects to the body a different way than the other manufacturers, and uses its own thread screw clipping system. This thread screw pitch diameter is also compatible with the other brands above, or with our suspension kit.

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Showing 1–40 of 64 results