Skin tones compatibility across TPE Dolls brands

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    Skin tones compatibility across TPE Dolls brands

    A lot of our customers ask us on a regular basis what skin tone options are compatible from one brand to another?

    If you want to create your own doll using our customizer, you will only be able to select a head and a TPE Doll body from the same manufacturer.

    If you really would like a head and a body from two different manufacturers, you can select both parts individually using our single head customizer and our single body customizer. We do not recommend you to do so, as TPE blends vary from one manufacturer to the other. As a result, you would not get a uniform tone between both parts.

    Nevertheless, we have made the below TPE Doll skin tone guide for you to compare. The below pictures are actual cropped photos of each skin tone sample, under the exact same light:

    WM|YL|OR Doll Skin Tones (#6 Light Ebony missing):

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    JY|AS Doll Skin Tones (#7 Ebony missing):

    tpe dolls compatibilitytpe doll skin tone compatibility wm doll jy dollcompatibility skin color jy doll wm dolljy doll wm doll compatible skin colors

    Climax Doll Skin Tones:

    climax doll skin tone #1 paleclimax doll skin tone #2 light caucasianclimax doll skin tone #4 tanclimax doll skin tone #5 tan

    6YE Premium Skin Tones:

    Coming soon…

    DollHouse168|Doll4Ever|Piper Doll Skin Tones:

    Coming soon…

    Conclusion on skin tone compatibility for TPE Dolls across brands:

    • WM Doll, YL DollOR Doll #2 Light Caucasian skin tone is uniform with #2 Light Caucasian skin tone option from JY Doll & AS Doll.
    • WM Doll, YL Doll & OR Doll #4 Light Tan skin tone is uniform with #3 Light Tan skin tone option from JY Doll & AS Doll.



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