Can I tattoo my TPE doll?

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    Due to the type of material (Thermoplastic Elastomer), 3 options are available:

    1. Tattoo sleeve (simplest option): “Tattoo sleeves”, or “body art stockings” look real & seamless; easy slip on & off. Made out of Stretchable fabric material (usually nylon & spandex). Unisex and one size fits most.  You can buy some on our doll accessories section here

    2. Temporary decals (does not last long): Decals, yes just like the one you were getting on Malabars as a kid actually turn out  to hold better on TPE than on human skin, are cheap to acquire, and can be washed off easily without leaving marks on your doll’s skin. Make sure to avoid applying decals on parts which are covered by clothings, as too much friction with the fabric will rip off the decal.If the decal is ripping off, it is easy to stick it back up with a bit of water, by applying it on the damaged area with your fingers.

    3. Permanent Ink (complicated and costly): to be able to apply permanent tattoos on your doll which will not end up bleeding or erasing, you will require solvent based printing ink type “TP 253” and “TP 273/T“It is also important to note that it also always requires pre-treatment as TPE is mostly water based. Silicone derivative flow agents must be used in order to reduce the high surface tension of the water, which has a negative influence on adhesion properties.Pretreatment with “Adhesion Promoter PP” will be essential to achieve good adhesion, not only as a primer but also as cleaning agent.

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