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      Tattoo TPE Dolls is indeed possible! You can enhance and customize your sex doll look with tattoos and piercings. The only limit is your imagination and creativity! Checkout also our TPE Doll piercing tutorial, as well as how to tattoo TPE Dolls below:

      Due to the type of material (Thermoplastic Elastomer), 3 options are available so far:


      tattoo tpe dolls alternative options tattoo sleevesTattoo sleeve (simplest option): “Tattoo sleeves”, or “body art stockings” look real & seamless; easy slip on & off. Made out of Stretchable fabric material (usually nylon & spandex). Unisex and one size fits most.







      how to tattoo tpe dolls with decalsTattoo TPE Dolls with temporary decals:Decals, like the one you were getting on gums as a kid, but of much higher quality, turn out  to hold better on TPE than on human skin.

      Decals additionally are cheap to acquire, and can be washed off easily without leaving marks on your doll skin. We consider this method to be the optimal way to tattoo TPE dolls.

      Checkout our awesome tattoo decal selection here! Over 150 high quality and waterproof tattoo decals to choose from.

      PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to avoid applying decal tattoos on parts which are covered by clothings, as too much friction with the fabric will rip off the decal.

      If the tattoo decal is ripping off, it is easy to stick it back up with a bit of water, by applying it on the damaged area with your fingers. Please see the below tutorial on how to tattoo TPE Dolls and apply tattoo decals to thermoplastic elastomer


      Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes • Difficulty: Medium

      The below article is courtesy of “WikiHow – How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo – Full article available here


      STEP 1 – Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

      Make sure that the TPE area is clean of all dust or the decal will not apply well.

      STEP 2 – Peel off the clear backing. At this point, your tattoo is protected by a thin layer of clear plastic. Pick this off. We recommend to cut the extra blank around the picture. This will greatly ease application, especially for bigger tattoo pieces on curvy areas of your sex doll.

      You should be able to see the brightly-colored, mirror-image version of the tattoo you are planning to apply onto your doll skin.

      STEP 3 -Place the image face side down onto your TPE Doll’s skin. Confirm that you want to apply the tattoo to the spot you just cleaned, then place the face side against the TPE.

      Do not wiggle the decal around. Just hold it firmly in place while you move on to the next step.

      STEP 4 – Press a warm damp cloth or sponge over the tattoo paper. Take a piece of fabric or a sponge that is neither bone dry nor soaking wet, and push it firmly against the backing of your tattoo. A sponge works great too.

      Wet up the hole area until the paper is saturated with water. Make sure to humidify it uniformly. As soon as the support is wet, it will follow the body’s curbs more easily.

      tpe dolls tattoos tutorial


      STEP 5 – Hold the paper support tightly in place and apply pressure to the whole area with your hand palm for a few second for better adhesion. a few seconds. To get the most complete image, you will need a bit of patience.

      STEP 6 – Gently peel off the paper. Start by lifting a single corner of the backing in order to peek at the tattoo. You will easily see if the tattoo is sticking to the skin or not. If it won’t try adding more water and gently scratching the paper support with your nail.

      If the image looks weird, or is not sticking correctly onto your doll’s skin, dip a finger into water and slide it onto the tattoo to correct its application. Make sure that your finger is wet orelse the tattoo might tear and stick onto your finger skin instead. If it does look good, then continue to slowly peel off the paper.

      Keep a bowl of water nearby and dip your index in it while removing the tattoo decal paper. Use your wet finger and gently pass in onto areas of the tattoos that would not be neat, to remove potential air bubbles or wrinkles as you peel the paper off.

      apply tattoo decal on tpe dolls


      STEP 7 – Wait for the tattoo to dry. Keep being patient for around ten minutes.

      Resist the urge to poke your doll’s temporary tattoo. Avoid stretching her skin to avoid wrinkling or smearing the tattoo. Make sure not to apply pressure on it with bare hands if it is dry which will transfer the tattoo onto your skin.

      STEP 8 – Dab on a bit of water-based lotion. To make your tattoo last even longer, hydrate your doll’s skin by gently patting a bit of thin cream or lotion on top.

      Avoid thick, oil-based moisturizers, like petroleum jelly, which may smear the tattoo.

      If you want, you can dust baby powder over the top of the tattoo as well, to make it look more matte and less shiny.


      Tattoo decals holds much better on TPE than on human skin, which has repellent natural oil.

      You can extend a tattoo decal lifespan by applying a waterproof, liquid bandage over it. This will protect the tattoo from coming off while you clean your doll.


      Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes • Difficulty: Very Easy

      Removing tattoo decals can seem complicated if you aren’t using the right items. Shy away from traditional methods that only work for human skin, not TPE.

      What you need: Transparent duct tape

      Before you proceed, make sure of your tape quality and that its glue won’t stick on your doll skin.

      Simply place the duct tape onto the tattoo decal and gently pull it off. The whole tattoo should come off at once.

      That’s it!











      tpe dolls permanent tattoos pad printingPad printing method is needed for such tattoos. Permanent Ink (complicated & costly): to be able to tattoo TPE Dolls permanently, without any bleeding or erasing, you will require solvent based printing ink type “TP 253” and “TP 273/T“.

      It is also important to note that it also always requires pre-treatment as Thermoplastic Elastomer is mostly water based.

      Silicone derivative flow agents must be used in order to reduce the high surface tension of the water, which has a negative influence on adhesion properties.

      Pretreatment with “Adhesion Promoter PP” will be essential to achieve good adhesion, not only as a primer but also as cleaning agent.

      This method is quite costly and complicated, and is not the best recommended way on how to tattoo TPE Dolls. You can read in more details about pad printing on this page.







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