Can I use piercings on my TPE Doll?

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      How easy is it to do TPE Dolls piercings? TPE is the perfect material for this! It looks just like real! All you will need is a needle and one or more of our awesome jewelry items available here! Checkout our TPE Doll piercing tutorial below:


      Estimated Time: 1-3 minutes • Difficulty: Easy

      TPE Dolls piercings are quite easy to apply. All you need is a small spike tool, such as the other side of an ear curette for example (the other end, not the end that you put in your ear), or a wood stick (the kind used to make BBQ Skewers)

      tpe doll piercingsSTEP 1: Prepare your earrings, or other piercing(s) by unscrewing the fixation ball(s) on them.






      pierce tpe dollsSTEP 2: Using the hair curette or BBQ skewers stick, with one hand pierce into the skin and use the other hands to help the stick to pierce through. Leave the stick into the hole.





      piercings tpe dollsSTEP 3: Position the piercing jewelry end to end with the tool you used for piercing your doll, and insert it into the hole as you remove the stick.

      TPE is a rather dense and thick material. The hole will close right back once you remove the stick, if you do not proceed as per above.

      You would additionally not be able to locate the hole again, to put the earring inside.


      how to pierce tpe dollsSTEP 4: Once the earring or piercing is correctly, screw the fixation ball back onto it.

      This is a rather sensitive operation especially if you do not have thin fingers!





      tpe doll piercing tutorialSTEP 5: That’s it your doll is ready! This tutorial shows you how to pierce an ear, the chin, the nipples, the clitoris, etc…

      Make sure finally to use a thinner stick for areas such as nostril or the eyebrow.

      For areas such as the belly button, the curved shape of the piercing bar makes it difficult.

      To insert the navel bar there, we recommend that you simply use the jewelry itself to pierce this specific area.











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