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Recently purchased by one of WM Doll partners, Dolls Castle (or Doll Castle) is a new dynamic manufacturer is based in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China, just like Jinsan (WM Doll), as well as most silicone or TPE sex doll manufacturers.

With an entry level price positioning Doll Castle is competing within a similar price range which aims to fight against counterfeit toxic low cost copies, from unknown and unscrupulous manufacturers, selling low quality, toxic or even carcinogen products onto the market. By benefiting from WM Doll expertise and medical grade quality level thermoplastic elastomer, Doll Castle is the best compromise of an affordable yet safe sex toy without health hazards.

If you have purchased a sex doll and are not sure whether it is a fake or authentic, worry about a smell or have skin rashes of any sorts, avoid at all cost exposing your mucuses to your sex doll cavities, which would enable toxic components to directly enter your blood stream. Wearing a condom is a good consideration you should have if you are not sure if the sex doll you bought is real or fake. As a reminder, as sex dolls have gains in popularity and become mainstream, scams have multiplied all across the internet. Make sure to check this guide to avoid getting ripped off when buying a sex doll.

This TPE brand is new and started in 2022, but already has a quickly growing collection of TPE heads and bodies, as well as silicone sex doll heads. Thanks to WM Doll expertise, this sex doll brand has a great potential to grow quickly in popularity among sex doll owners, with a price approach making it a great choice for a first sex doll, or for doll enthusiasts on a low budget.

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Showing 1–32 of 82 results

Showing 1–32 of 82 results