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      Silicone is a material that differs greatly from thermoplastic elastomers, due to its composition. Just like with TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls must be used with care in order to maintain an optimal lifespan of the material.


      • Gently wash with hot water and dish soap
      • Do not rub, scrub or abrade surfaces
      • Do not stretch or force silicone out of the moulded position
      • Use hot water – based lubricants
      • Never use with oils or silicone lubricants
      • Silicone can be matted by patting cornstarch or talcum powder


      Silicone sex dolls have been around for decades, but have become a mainstream product only recently. These high-end, customized sex  dolls look and feel so lifelike that you will believe they are real. Silicone sex dolls require some basic care to keep them clean, realistic looking as well as to optimize their lifespan.

      Swirl a clean makeup brush in baby powder and apply the powder to the entire surface of your silicone doll. Apply the powder liberally after bathing or cleaning the doll, and as often as it wears off – daily if necessary.

      Although silicone sex doll skin is less viscous by default than TPE sex dolls, silicone looks more shiny and will also, just like TPE naturally attracts dust and hair, but baby powder helps resist that attraction. Powder also makes the skin feel more lifelike and the doll smell fresh and baby-like. Unlike with TPE, avoid using scented powder – perfumes and oils can discolour the silicone.

      Brush off loose dirt and hair with a soft brush or cloth. Pay special attention to crevices and areas where dirt can hide, such as around the neck, under the arms, and around the facial features. Use a cotton swab or similar object to clean ears, eyes, and other small areas.

      Bathe your silicone sex doll is needed to remove heavy dirt. Sponge bathe your sex doll using room temperature water and a mild soap or shampoo. Gently stroke the skin to remove dirt and light stains with a sponge, soft cloth, soft bristle brush or your hands. Pay attention to wrinkles and hard-to-clean areas. Wash the doll’s hair, if any, with gentle strokes. Rinse thoroughly with room-warm water. Silicone sex dolls can also be bathed in the bathtub, which is ideal for kinky wet sessions!

      Place your silicone sex doll on a blanket or light coloured towel or cloth to dry. Dark colours can rub off on your sex doll’s silicone skin, and painted wooden surfaces can also discolour silicone. Allow the love doll to dry thoroughly before powdering and using.

      If implanted, blow dry the hair and surface of your silicone sex doll on a low setting, keeping the blow dryer 8 to 10 inches (20-25cm) away from the skin. Keep moving it around to avoid focusing the heat. This will help your baby doll dry quickly.

      Brush your sex doll’s hair, if any, regularly to keep it from getting knotted and unsightly. Use a brush with plastic bristles so as not to damage the hair, and stroke it gently.

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