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      The sex doll industry is a bit of a jungle. There are twice as many scammers as there are legit vendors and there are twice as many fake news as there are legit news.

      As there seem to be a growing confusion about whether sex dolls are legal or not, or if they will be banned, this article aims to make a clear distinction between what is legal and what is not in the sex dolls world.


      Sex dolls are not legal in all countries. Depending on your country of residence you might not be able to import one, or might need some specific requirements prior to do so.

      In Brazil for example, individuals are not allowed to import a love doll and must do so through a company with a compliant import license. Additionally the custom clearance process is more complicated as well.

      Sex dolls are legal and allowed in all European countries, United Kingdom, as well as northern America & Australia.

      Are sex dolls allowed in your home country? Find out on our shipping & deliveries page here.


      Sex dolls are among the main victims of fake news. Numerous tabloids will play a big part in the general confusion, not only on this particular topic, but also on sexbots using non relevant pictures to illustrate their articles.

      Most articles, for example this one use a totally different picture than what is actually being banned. The previous link is showing the following model for your information: https://www.finelovedolls.com/shop/tpe-love-dolls/160cm-175cm-dolls/jts170-1/ Let us all agree here that this does not look like a child doll.

      Florida State legislature has recently made the headlines, with all tabloids tweaking the information their own way.

      The situation is nothing new, as you may know a similar law was already introduced in 2018, called THE CREEPER ACT. In other words, it was already illegal before and there is nothing new around the subject since then.

      Regardless whether you are from USA, Europe, or another country you SHOULD NOT attempt to order such childlike doll and need to acknowledge that you could potentially get prosecuted for ordering such item.


      Any sex doll that is taller than 130cm (4’27”) and does not have a prepubertal body. This basically means with breasts. How big it does not matter as long as she does not have flat chest.

      This basically means that a 130cm sex doll with C cup breast is legal, a 150cm one with flat chest is not.

      At Fine Love Dolls, you can shop with peace of mind. All of our model are guaranteed adult looking dolls, and we strictly enforce this rule. Do not contact us in an attempt to purchase a child looking sex doll as we will not sell it to you regardless whether your country of residence allows it or not.

      If you are not sure about a model not present on our shop, and would like to ask us for confirmation never hesitate!

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