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      Thermoplastic Elastomer is a soft material that unfortunately, can be deformed if left against an hard surface for an extended period of time. In the tutorial, we will teach you how to fix deformed TPE Dolls.


      Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes • Difficulty: Easy

      Do not worry, repairing deformed TPE is very easy! It is also very quick to fix deformed TPE Dolls.

      1st STEP: Place your doll so that the deformed position is up (not underneath)

      Fill a bucket with hot water (should be hot enough that you cannot put your hand in it, but do not use boiling water either. Steaming water is fine)

      Repair a deformed doll water bucket






      2nd STEP: Put a white towel in the bucket and let is soak

      3rd STEP: Apply the towel neat onto the deformed area and let it rest there until the towel cools down

      fix deformed tpe dolls

      FINAL STEP: Repeat Step 2 & 3 as many time as needed, until the area comes back to its original shape


      Change the water bucket for hot one if the water has cooled down. The temperature should be hot enough for the TPE shape to change. Handle the wet towel carefully in order not to burn yourself

      If applying to your doll’s face remove the eyes, wig, and eyelashes prior to processing. Protect thinner areas such as the eyelid with aluminum for example or another heat proof material.

      Not sure how to store your doll correctly? Please check this thread. Need a suspension kit to store your doll the optimal way? You can get one here.







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