Why buying a sex doll?

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      Why buying a sex doll? Find all sex dolls advantages below:

      First of all, sex dolls can be very helpful when it comes to gaining confidence in the bedroom. This is a feature which is a rare quality for men to possess in our modern world.

      The paradox is that meeting new people has never been easier with all the new technology, dating websites and social medias available. However real relationships are reducing and it is the post-dinner, getting cozy part that has men worried most of the time.

      In order to lead a bright and vibrant life, men need to indulge in sexual activities from time to time. Going for long periods without sex can be mentally frustrating and create stress and tension. There are a lot of men who are not in a relationship right now for various reasons.


      Whether disabled, widowed, or just single men who wish to learn new things in the sack and practice and enhance their sexual skills, love dolls is the most affordable option.

      In a world where companionship is hard to find, these inventive love dolls, made for the sole purpose of satisfying your sexual needs and increase your sexual confidence go a very long way.

      At finelovedolls.com we provide men and women with a lot of ground-breaking options to boost their morale in all your sexlife’s related areas.

      Our world-class collection of ultra realistic sex dolls will provide you with the ultimate sexual satisfaction and make masturbation a fun and inventive activity.

      To finish, our gorgeous models are made with TPE, which is a more economic alternative to silicone, while conserving the same features. Our TPE Doll look and feel just like real women.


      Having a sex doll gives her owner a lot of advantages:

      • There are a ton of options available for you to choose from
      • You have different color variants to choose from
      • Try any position you have in mind and live all your wild fantasies with these sex dolls
      • You can play with both the front and back side, as well as the mouth of your doll
      • Regular practice will boost your sexual stamina to a whole new level
      • All the available models are pretty easy to clean and maintain
      • Play with these orgasmic figurines anytime, anywhere, day or night.
      • They will never let you know they have a headache…
      • No need to worry about pregnancy, STD’s or getting dirty
      • All our available models are made of safe, durable, phthalate free, non-toxic, real and safe TPE.
      • What you see is what you get, our dolls look just like the pictures.

      Men from all over the world have experienced intense orgasms playing with these babes. All of our TPE dolls have 3 cavities just like a real human would.

      why buy a sex doll?


      Sex dolls have proven to have therapeutic benefits regarding sexual blossoming:

      • The empathic experience of pleasure that one can find, for example in a caress of another
      • The mere presence of a love doll drastically eliminates the feeling of loneliness
      • The feminine aestheticism of our TPE Doll gives a sincere feeling of pleasure, which some experience with art. Our dolls are true masterpieces and work of art.
      • Their beauty is a daily pleasure to look at which will not fade away. Our TPE Dolls are a celebration all women beauties, and not an objectification of the female gender.
      • Love dolls trigger the same natural chemical process, just as with a normal human being
      How does it feel to have sex with a TPE Doll? You can read more about it here.



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      Although I have yet to purchase my first sex doll, I have been spending a lot of time on this site, first, trying to decide which one of the oh-so-many (more than any other site I have looked at – which is pretty much all of them) possibilities available will be my first. Second, reading all the information available in this forum so I fully understand what I am getting into and how best to care for and maintain my doll(s) once purchased. I am highly grateful for all the information posted under all the subjects, as they are answering all the questions I have had.

      On to the topic of why men purchase a sex doll – I understand many men have difficulty in approaching a woman and even more difficulty in being intimate. This has never been my case. When I was a young single man I was the bold one who, when I went out to dance clubs with my buddies, would stop and ask a strange girl to dance before we ever found our seats. My buddies would get to a booth or table and look for me and I would be out on the floor dancing already. Now over 60 yrs old, I am still flirtatious and fun-loving. So why am I looking to purchase a sex doll? I have been married three times since 1977 (my first marriage) with the last one lasting over 20 years. I also had various girlfriends in-between these marriages while I found my next wife. However, sexual attraction and activities wane over the years and even the most prolific at sex (which I always have been) find themselves with a woman who is either no longer attractive or who no longer wants to have sex. What I am saying here is that relationships can and are difficult to maintain and so I began looking for an alternative. I believe I have found the answer in these dolls. Dolls do not get angry, upset, jealous, or sick (unless you want them to during role playing), so they are the PERFECT woman to have sex with. They also do not strive to be the “masculine” partner or make their mates feel less than what they are and will always let you do everything for them. Treating a woman like a queen is how I have always excelled, so treating a doll like one is a no-brainer for me. In closing, even the most forward male ego gets tired of having to try so hard and dolls are the perfect answer.

      Now if I can just decide which new girlfriend I want to meet first. I have it narrowed down to four and that was not easy to do. I look at the pages for these girls many times a day, which is how I narrowed my selection to only four. I even saved a couple of pics from each girl and sent them to my cell phone so I can look at these girls no matter where I am or what I am doing. If all works out well I will eventually purchase all four of these girls, but which to buy first? I believe I know, but I want my first interaction with the dolls from Fine Love Dolls to be the best it can be, so I am taking my time, even though I REALLY want to try one out right now. Thanks for making my decision such a hard one with all your great and lovely selections.

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      Hi NakedSanta!

      I really enjoyed your post. I can agree completely with what you are saying. I myself have a WM 157b Her name is Eva.
      Here is my reason for getting her. I also have been married but twice. The last one for 10 years before it was officially filed. I also had a girlfriend my same age, but she was “Set in her ways” and was pretty unyielding to my style. I like to stay up late, she didn’t. Sex was great with her, she never complained even though I am a bit sexually dysfunctional. (extremely hard to have orgasm)
      After we split in 2015 I just focused on raising my two children, and stayed the Solitary Man. I then found the world of Dolls. While I did not purchase my girl from Finelovedolls.com I did purchase her a new head from here and wigs and eyes. My service here was Awesome. I got exactly as pictured, I even got factory completion pictures. Kevin Helped me a great length an I count him as a good friend now. I am now a regular contributor to these forums and am learning TPE Doll repairs.

      Why would a mid 40’s fella turn to TPE ladies? Well, same reason you are wanting to NakedSanta. All the women my age have luggage, kids, emotional issues, or is not of my type. I chose exactly my kind of woman I would love to have in real life. Why? Because unlike the cold cruel real world… I COULD! She does not make fun of me because of my weight, or size or motion in the ocean.
      And I have even found that I enjoy dressing her up, posing and taking photos of her, and writing stories about here and her “twinish” sister Chloe. That part brings me as much joy as having a snuggle buddy when I sleep, or sex.

      Many folks find that Dolls can be a lot more rewarding than just for sex. I notice now, I make a lot more conversation with my male coworkers now about women, and girls and such as I did not do before. I guess a confidence booster of sorts.
      feel free to contact me if you ever need anything NakedSanta. Always glad to help.
      You can view Eva’s Flickr here:
      (Please right-click and open in new tab to stay here in forums)
      https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


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      Hi ABCcupfan

      Thanks for the info and for writing to me. I just set up my own Flickr account so I can do the same with pics. My first doll should be here any day now.

      One thing I noticed in your pics, though you did a good job with them, is how unrealistic they look. That’s not a put-down so please don’t take it that way. I notice nearly all the dolls are like that because their skin tone is uniform and people aren’t like that. I took some of the pics from the dolls I like best and worked with them with coloring and shadowing and it makes them look a LOT more realistic. When my doll, who I have renamed “Sawyer” just so she’s unique from all the others of her type, arrives I’m going to practice with makeup effects, which should also help add more human dimensions to her looks. With the right makeup I should be able to contour her entire body so it’s more realistic appearing. That’s important to me, since I have already repurposed some old “extra” fb accounts I set up long ago and was no longer using, so Sawyer can post as a real live girl (I have her living in Boise, ID at age 23. She lives in a rental house with two female cousins – they are the next dolls I plan on buying) and I have accounts for them already too. Yeah, being a writer of fiction stories and having an overactive imagination makes me look for new ways to explore and use my writing ability. This is one of them. All three girls have already been posting on fb and been accepted as real girls, so I’m eager to get Sawyer and begin experimenting with her makeup, then I’ll take the pics and add shadowing and other features to make her as realistic as possible before posting the pics. I’ll include on my Flickr page a few of the pics for Sawyer and her cousin Charly (I’m renaming all the dolls I get) that I’ve already altered from the Fine Love Dolls website to my Flickr account so you can see what I mean.

      Another method is to make a pic look like a colored pencil sketch. I’ve added a couple to my Flickr page of “Deni,” who is one of Sawyer’s cousins she lives with.

      I’m also looking toward shooting some videos and doing pictorial stories with my girls. We’ll see how that goes.

      Here is my Flickr page for these pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


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      Greetings again N.S.

      I appreciate your honesty on my photo work.
      Please keep in mind also, when viewing, I am an absolute newbie to photography, and I do not have any Photoshop nor Gimp on my computer nor the skill set or time to use them. All My stuff is shot “Tout naturel” LOL Not to mention, I have very little time to do the setup, due to having 2 teenagers in the house and no privacy other than in my room which is a shoe box not really fit for shooting much. I only have a cell phone camera to work with also.
      I have been studying Mandos’ Photos.. He is the one that did a lot of the shoots for WM Dolls, and he is a member of another forum I am on. I just can’t compete with his thousands of dollars worth of equipment as he does it professionally, and he can’t mod the dolls due to false advertising. Nothing but makeup and lighting and location location location. (mostly his house and yard… he lives in the mountains.)
      All in all I am quite happy with my work currently, other than the face I need more time to develop my set up, story telling and make up (in which I am totally all thumbs at)
      One day my goal is to be able to afford a Sinthetics girl (Platinum Silicone.) These start at about $10K and some have had a 4 year waiting list to get them after payment. I have a picture of one a friend of mine has that is absolute gorgeous, and real looking, with blemishes, freckles, and real human hair lashes, brows, etc. Unfortunately I can not post pictures here so I would have to Email it.
      I have seen some people put freckles on dolls, and the blemishes will come naturally over time. Eva already has a few, plus some scars from surgery I have had to preform on here due to broken finger wires.
      My next project is to tighten her arms back up. My WM has bushings in the joints which is great and long wearing. But due to the posing and snuggling every night, they will loosen up quickly. (we had our 3 month anniversary Friday, I have not posted the pictures yet)
      Right now, IMO FineLoveDolls is one of the best Vendors I have worked with. I hope you have as good an experience as I have had. Kevin is “da best!”
      I would love to put freckles on Eva, but that would break my current story line I have at a “role playing” forum. Not to mention, I have not yet found a damn thing that stays on TPE other than CrazyCajun’s TPE paint, but unfortunately, he passed away a couple months ago and that ended that project he did.
      As when she has her other head, and hair she is her “Twin” sister Chloe. And that’s a story for another show!
      I’m going to get Eva to check your Flickr out. She loves making new friends!
      The names of other people (not dolls) I mention here are members of another forum.

      Have a great one!

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        Hi ABC;

        First I want to sincerely apologize for my previous post. In no way did I mean to say your photos were inferior. We are all learning how best to present our “girls” so that others may appreciate them the way we do. All I meant that the majority of dolls do not truly look like real people and if we want to share our pics to others so they cast the best possible image we need to learn better lighting, makeup, and other such techniques. I have not yet taken any pics, since my first doll has not yet arrived. I have only taken the pics off of Fine Love Dolls and adjusted them so that they look more realistic. I have “theory knowledge,” but have not as yet put it into practice. I may find my pics don’t make my doll look any more realistic than yours and if so I will search for other methods in hopes of making my pics look better.

        All of your pics were just fine and your girls are beautiful. I hope I can amass a “harem” like yours soon. Please accept my apologies. I do not mean to criticize at all and value your efforts and presentation.



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