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      Since late 2017, WM Doll, JY Doll as well as other niche Shenzhen companies have been focusing on sex robots. This article is here to help you understand the different models available on the market, but also what scams to avoid.

      1. Introduction: Animatronics Vs Androids

      With recent surge in popularity for sex robots, or sex dolls with artificial intelligence, it became confusing as of where the whole industry is currently heading, who are the main manufacturers of these sexbots are, and what are the current available features.

      Despite a tremendous evolution in technology these recent years especially concerning AI softwares (Artificial Intelligence), we are still years away from seeing fully functional sex robots which will be able to talk and perform daily tasks.

      As of 2019, what you are able to see is the beginning of what will become one day fully mobile companions. The current technology in use is called “animatronics“. This technology was first introduced in 1962 by Disney for Mary Poppins, featuring an animatronic bird.

      Nowadays animatronics are mostly used in amusement parks and special effects for the cinema industry. A robot which is designed to look like a human being is more specifically called an android. This is the fusion between an animatronic model with artificial intelligence systems (AI).



      2. The challenge of emotion modeling

      Mimicking the wide array of human rictuses is a subtle and difficult task for AI sex dolls developers. According to Ekman and Friesen, humans can recognize 6 basic emotions:

      • Anger
      • Disgust
      • Fear
      • Joy
      • Sadness
      • Surprise

      3. Sophia the chatbot

      The most advanced android so far is the famous Sophia. You know her, the AI robot which was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. Sophia is a social humanoid robot which was developed by Hanson Robotics, a Hong-Kong based company.

      You can see a demo video of Sophia below, and her stunning lifelike expressions:

      3.1 Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Fallon Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

      So what can Sophia do so far? She can process visual data, see people’s faces, process conversational and emotional data using these information to form relationships with people.

      Sophia additionally has over 60 different facial expressions. This system relies on complex algorithms based on the blockchain technology and a cloud network in order to process data in real time.

      How subtle can you get when engaging in a conversation with Sophia, one of the most advanced form of AI at this stage? Find out below with Will Smith trying to flirt with the AI robot:

      3.2 Will Smith flirting with Sophia

      But can she walk?

      Since the video was filmed, Sophia has also been upgraded with functional legs and can now walk!

      Hanson Robotics has teamed up with DRC Hubo, a South Korean based company to give Sophia her first legs. Watch Sophia taking her first steps and dance moves below:

      3.3 Sophia Taking Her First Steps

      Technology is evolving fast and soon, but how fast will it be mass produced and become mainstream and affordable to the average Joe? We are still a few decades away from having fully functional sex robots available for sale.

      So far Sophia’s legs, although functional, are not yet performing fluid movements. Their square robot like shape is also still far from the sexy natural curves of a woman’s leg.

      4. Atlas, bipedal humanoid robot

      The other best in class example of the most advanced walking system so far is the famous “Atlas”, the running robot developed by Boston Dynamics. This android went viral on several videos where you could see the machine opening doors, jumping over obstacles, etc…

      You can see Atlas running on the video below:

      4.1. Atlas running robot from Boston Dynamics

      Harmony the First Ai Sex Robot


      So far, each of the three fields are developing well independently on their own, but what about fully functional sex dolls with full body movements?

      When it comes to matching the current Artificial Intelligence technology, robotic and ultra realistic dolls, only a handful of companies are showing promising results.

      Two market essentially are competing in the race to create the first fully functional sex robot, USA and China. Although we are still far from the above example both market are displaying promising results.


      Real Doll created a software called Realbotix allowing to take control of Real Doll’s latest silicone sex doll called Harmony.

      This Artificial Intelligence software is an Android app close to a horny Siri for phone sex. For a yearly fee of $20, you can create a limited number of customized voices, change her moods and personality traits.

      You can see a presentation of Harmony doll by its creator, Matt Mcmullen down below:

      Real Doll takes a different approach to sex dolls than their Chinese competitors. All sex dolls are made of silicone material.

      This material being costly and harder to shape, the robots created by Realbotix so far are not affordable to most people (count at least $10,000 without the AI system).

      Although promising, we are still in early stages, and these AI sex robots are only chatbots so far with very limited movement ranges and facial expressions.

      China sex robot pioneers: DS Doll & WM Doll

      China is the main competitor to the United States on a lot of fields, and that include the robotic and the Artificial Intelligence race.

      A handful of innovative Chinese companies have since a few years, joined the race to produce the first fully functional sex android. Both are described below:

      DS DOLL

      DS Doll also produces silicone sex dolls, just like Real Doll. This company is aiming to mass produce anthropomorphic sex robot with full body movement.

      Located in Dalian (Liaoning Province) DS Doll aims to develop more advanced versions of AI robotic heads.

      Just like Real Doll, this chat bot is currently a robotized head only on a silicone sex doll body.

      Silicone is a quite rigid material with a limited lifespan. Another concern is the resistance and durability of the materials in use for the AI sex doll skeleton.

      You can see the work of DS Doll in the below video of the robotic head being controlled by a joystick:

      DS Doll robotic head demonstration

      WM DOLL

      WM Doll is our latest and most interesting example in this list. This manufacturer is the pioneer of an alternative manufacturing technique for sex dolls.

      This manufacturer is creating love dolls using thermoplastic Elastomer. Also known as “TPE”, this material is replacing silicone very quickly in a lot of fields of application. TPE is revolutionating several industries including the medical and the food industry but also the sex toys one.

      This is because of the material chemical inertness and genuine ingredients “purity”. Medical grade TPE is often used for food applications, as it is a phthalates-free material (no plasticizers). It is also free from PVCBisphenol A, and latex proteins.

      TPE Dolls have numerous advantages over their silicone dolls counterpart:

      • Cheaper to produce
      • Easier to shape
      • More realistic results
      • Longer lifespan
      • Softer touch

      You can read all differences between TPE and silicone dolls on this page.

      Back to WM Doll, the current advancement of the technology is quite limited yet very promising. You can see a video of WM Doll robots in movement down below:

      Conclusion on sexbots, androids and chatbots

      Artificial Intelligence, Sex Dolls and Robotic are three very interesting fields which are showing exponential improvements on a daily basis.

      Fully functional sex robot prototypes should be available within the next few years, but it will take at least another 10 years before we see these prototypes mass produced at an affordable price.

      Currently Silicone Dolls and TPE Dolls have both proven to be the right materials to pair with robotic systems and artificial intelligence softwares.

      Unfortunately at this stage, movement range are slow and limited to a few moves and facial expressions. Additionally, these dolls are controlled with a device and dolls are not always on the right side of the uncanny valley. Results are closer to remote controlled toy figurine or Disney animatronics than what you would expect.

      We do not recommend to jump into that trend just yet, and you will end up disappointed. Stick to regular dolls for the time being, and count on us to always keep you updated on the latest trends in that field!

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