My doll has a smell, is it normal? Will it go away?

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    Yes absolutely. TPE being a type of soft plastic, just like when you purchase a brand new pair of shoes, your doll will have a slight smell at first, as she was put in the box not long after having been manufactured.

    The smell will naturally go away within a few days/weeks. If you want to speed up the process, the best way is to:

    1. Wash your doll with water and soap (avoid keeping her head underwater for too long)
    2. Dry your doll skin properly with a towel or an hair dryer (watch out for the temperature)
    3. Apply hydrating cream on your doll’s skin and soak up the excess with a napkin
    4. Apply baby powder on your doll’s skin, and optionally, a little bit of perfume

    That’s it your doll’s skin is now fresh and smooth!

    Additionally, you can store your doll outdoor at first during daytime for 1 or 2 hours, or in another premise with fresh air such as a garage.

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